Meet the Sullivans: Just getting started...

September 22, 2010

Just getting started...

I'm a Kindergarten teacher. I know how important it is to have pictures to go along with a story, that is why I am going to start off with a photo.
Mr. and I before we got married. 

We were married August 7th, 2010 in Burlingame, California. I really enjoyed planning all the details of our wedding. From the cake, to the chairs, to the flowers, but most of all I was excited to marry Keith. The planning was really fun, especially perusing all of the "bride" blogs. Over the 1 year and 9 months we were engaged I really became attached to all the ways I was able to creatively express myself through the planning and execution of our wedding. Well, the wedding is now over and here I am with some extra time and the desire to continue being creative.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Sullivan

This blog won't be full of text trying to tell a story, but more of an account of our life together through random pictures and such. I love to cook, shop, explore, try new things, read, watch movie, spend time with family and our dogs Conan and Rocky. So, you can expect recipes, movie or book reviews, photography, etc.

Rocky (yellow lab) & Conan (puggle)

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