Meet the Sullivans: What I'm Loving Wednesday

September 29, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here is what I'm loving this Wednesday...

I'm loving this customizable print posted by Alissa over at 33 Shades of Green. She bought it from Etsy seller Fancy Prints. I saw this on her blog last week and I just had to buy it right away. I bought the 11x14 and I can't wait for it to arrive. It is such a grear piece of personalized art work. I'm sure Keith and I will find a great place for it in our apartment (when we move!).

I'm loving this set of 12 appetizer plates from Crate & Barrel. We registered for them for our wedding in Aug and one of our lovely guests bought them for us as part of a wedding gift. I can't wait to use them when we have our own place. I am looking forward to using them not only because they are more formal, but also because they are *green*. There are also cloth reusable cocktail napkins. We have the white ones. I think I might need to buy one set more of each!

I'm loving my *new students. We tried a new "routine" today and they all did so well. We now have hanging files for each student with extra individualized work. We decided that after last year's class ( a very bright and hard working group of students) we would try to provided more differentiated work once they are done with 'whole class' work. My kids did a great job going through the process of choosing their work and they were really, really excited about about the new work. Love them! 

*I say "new", but we have been in school for 25 days already. I really can't believe time has gone by so fast!
Keith at his Doctoral graduation
I'm loving, as I always am, my husband. Right now its for how he handled our visit this evening to see my grandpa. My grandpa, who is a super active / social / outgoing and amazing 84-year-old man, fractured his hip Monday night while on his way to a swing dance class (something he says he always wanted to do...go figure he would get injured on his way there--isn't life funny that way?). Anyway, Keith is a Physical Therapist and it was so comforting to see how at home he is in the hospital. Hospitals always seem creepy and sad to me and Keith's knowledge and ease with the whole situation really helped all of us feel better. Keith is an awesome husband, I knew that, but I saw first hand today what a great health care provider he is. His bedside manor is so professional, comforting and he seems like he has been doing this for years. And, I am very happy to announce that as of this morning at 4:30am he passed the California State Board Exam for Physical Therapy! Yay Keith!!!

Citrine Pillow (Crate & Barrel)

Cassie Pillow (Crate & Barrel)
I'm loving these vibrant pillows from Crate & Barrel! Now that Mr. Hubby has passed his test (YAY!!!!!!) I can start looking for a place of our own :) I'm not sure which one I love more for our couch this Fall. I think the Citrine pillows might be more versitile through the Fall and Winter months and Keith would probably like stripes more than flowers, no?

What are you loving on this WONDERFUL Wednesday?

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