Meet the Sullivans: Sullivan Sunday Fun-day: Pixar

October 16, 2010

Sullivan Sunday Fun-day: Pixar

Keith and I are really big Disney fans. In our 6+ years of dating (and now 2+ months of being married)
 we have been to Disneyland probably about 7 or 8 times. That of course includes our honeymoon. Yes, you read correctly, we went to Disneyland for our honeymoon and we loved every moment of it. Anyway, my point is that we love Disney and so we also really love Pixar. This morning Keith told me that the Oakland Museum of California was having a Pixar exhibit.

I was so excited! I really, really wanted to take pictures inside the museum, but the don't let you. Bummer. Here are a few I got:

Keith reading the Pixar Astrology book in the gift shop.

Small bits of all Pixar movies.

Not Pixar, but I thought these cement lanterns looked neat.

 Since we were already in Oakland we thought we would stop by Fenton's. 
Fenton's was featured in the Pixar movie Up!

They make their ice cream from scratch daily!

Western Bacon Burger and curly fries! We shared :)

The "Black & White" sundae was very good.

Thoroughly enjoyed.

Good-bye Fenton's!

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