Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap-up

October 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend has just flown by. It does every weekend and I think its because Keith works Tuesday through Saturday, so even though I know Saturday is the weekend it feels more like a Friday to me.

Friday morning started off like this...
Grande vanilla low-fat latte in my reusable cup.
After work I made a little trip to Home Goods. I bought two frames, one for the print I bought from Fancy Prints on Etsy (which arrived Saturday afternoon!) and another for a picture Keith and I bought on our honeymoon in Disneyland. I also stopped at Morrison's (our teacher supply store) where I bought a new stamp pad and a few Halloween and Fall classroom decor items. I really enjoy decorating my classroom for the various holidays throughout the year. I met some of my friends for happy hour and before I left I ordered Keith and I cioppino to take home for dinner.

Saturday, after going running and seeing Keith off to work, I met my sister at my parents house and we went apartment hunting. We only got the chance to look at one place, but we were able to figure out the area we like. Later in the afternoon after I dropped Kath back off at home I went for a mani pedi. It was very relaxing and didn't last nearly as long as I hoped. Time flies when you're getting pampered. I have been getting the same color on my nails and toes since the wedding, but I can not seem to part from it:
OPI Got a Date-to-Knight

Saturday night after we check out one of the apartments we're interested in, we went over to our friends Jen and Gabe's house for dinner and cocktails. We always have a great time with them. Their kids are adorable, we have fun together and they are very good friends.

Sunday morning we lazed around and enjoyed having some down time where Keith didn't have to cut out for studying. I even fell asleep for a little while on the couch during the 49er game. When I woke-up we were both pretty hungry so I cooked up some real fancy stuff for an early lunch.
We continued our nice little Saturday with a trip to see another apartment (which I didn't like, even though it has a wash / dryer in unit) before heading to IKEA for new bedroom furniture. Here is what we bought:
{Hemnes bedside table. We bought two.}

{Hemnes 6-drawer bureau}
{Set of 8 decorative balls}

{Table lamps for the bedside tables.}

(Cool fog photos.}

There were a few other things we wanted to get, but we want to wait until we know what apartment we're getting before we purchase an entertainment center. We love this one:
{Hemnes 3-drawer entertainment stand.}

If we choose the apartment we looked at on Saturday night we will have to have the couch in the middle of the room, so we'll need something like this to "anchor" it in the space. It will look so great with a few storage baskets and a few decor items I have and a few I have my eye on at Crate & Barrell.
{Hemnes sofa table.}

And finally, my wonderful hubby pushing all our stuff around IKEA

When we finally made in home from IKEA we relaxed for a little while until Keith left for his basketball game. He plays in a local league with a few of his friends. I've spent the night writing this and re-watching "Blindside". Great flick!

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