Meet the Sullivans: Take a Peek into Kindergarten

October 5, 2010

Take a Peek into Kindergarten

I have been wanting to do a post about my Kindergarten "classroom decor" since I started this blog, but with Fall upon us and Halloween approaching, I wanted to wait until I got all of my Halloween items out of storage. My Halloween stuff has been up for a few days, and I finally had the time and energy to stick around after getting everything (papers corrected, plans for the next day in order) taken care of to take some good pictures.

I partner teach a Kindergarten class in an affluent area of Northern California at a Catholic K-8 school. I love my job and I love teaching at a school that operates by the rule of 'faith first'. Our classroom is split down the middle by a folding curtain (not really a curtain, but that's what we call it), which provides us with the ability to teach in small groups and give the children individualized attention. The students are assigned to us randomly. Our boss only tires to make sure we have a balance number of boys/girls, younger/older and new/old families. My class is the "Bumblebees" and the other class is the "Ladybugs".  Enjoy the pictures of my classroom!
My window sill. I have a clothesline draped in my window to provide extra space for displaying students' work.  You can also see our statue of Mary, our crucifix hanging on the wall.

To the left are our "Weather Bears" all dressed for Fall. My students are very eager to see what the bears will wear for each season of the year. In the pails on the book shelf I keep popsicle sticks with each students name for fair and un-bias participation. To the right is our Religion bulletin board. The poster says "We're all one family under the same sky. The hands each have the name of a child in our class. Over in the corner is Kindergarten Bumblebee Bear, who goes home with a new student each weekend.

My chair in the front of the classroom where we do 'calendar' and other carpet time instruction. Note my adorable and fun pumpkin Halloween lights. The kids LOVE them! (bought at good 'ol Target)

The Calendar Math calendar I bought at Lakeshore Learning Center was a great investment. Our computers are archaic.

My desk scattered with some Halloween books I am looking forward to sharing with the kids, Mailboxes Teacher's Helper reproducible magazine, my lesson plans and some other stuff AND of course antibacterial.

Behind my desk: some pics of my husband and I, some of our family dogs (his mom's and my parent's) and some other student art work. 

Honestly, I spend so much time in my classroom and I take a lot of pride in making sure it looks appealing to my students and me. I change the small details of 'decor' for every season and you better bet I will keep you all updated!

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