Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap-up

October 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

It has been a busy week for us, so here is a very late Weekend Wrap-up for last weekend...

 Oh what a wonderful weekend this has been. Thank you Christoper Columbus for sailing the ocean blue in 1492, for I have tomorrow off because of you!

On Friday, we had planned to go to the Rascal Flatts concert with some friends. Unfortunately one of the Rascals got sick, so the concert was postponed. Instead a few of us gathered at a friends house, opened some wine, ordered some pizza and watch the Giants...who lost. It was a great game and we were ahead and hen all of a sudden out of now where we were loosing. Terrible, terrible.

On Saturday morning I baked two Caramel Apple pies for later that day then went to see 

Life As We Know It with my sister Kathee and friend Hilary. The story was cute and entertaining, but I was tired and not in the mood for arguing and a crying baby, but still, it was worth the time and money. In the evening we had friends and family over for a BBQ to celebrate Keith passing his boards. We had 26 people at Keith's mom's house! This was a pretty casual dinner and we were all very busy running around trying to stay on top of everything all while spending time with everyone who came. it was a busy night, but we had a really great time.

On Sunday, after saying good-bye to Keith's sister Teri and her family Keith and I went to take a second look at an apartment we had seen earlier in the week. We were hoping that seeing it for a second time it would make the place more appealing to us, but it really only made us more aware of what we didn't like. I took pictures of all the "unappealing" features, but I will spare you the details. Long story short, we saw another place which is a little more expensive, but worth it. We're submitting out application tomorrow morning, so hopefully we get it and can move next weekend!!! When we do move in I will post more about the place.

We also managed to make it to Costco to buy our entertainment center. I also bought a new Cooking Light magazine and cookbook, of course!

In the afternoon we headed to Oakland to see the Pixar exhibit at the Oakland Museum and the stopped at Fenton's. You can hear more about that in the blog post Sullivan Sunday Fun-day: Pixar.

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