Meet the Sullivans: Tuesday 11/22 in Photo: My Mantle

November 23, 2010

Tuesday 11/22 in Photo: My Mantle

We've  been living here for weeks, weeks I tell you, yet we have little to no items on our walls. This is not for a lack of hanging ability, but because we can't figure out or find exactly what we want. The biggest challenge for me has been figuring out what to do with this wall:

When we moved in we knew we would have to put the television next to the fireplace, (that's where the connection is) not a big deal, but since the television is so large I wasn't sure what to do above the fireplace (which had no mantle). The fireplace is supposed to be a central focal point in a living room, right? With the t.v. being gigantic it is hard to figure out what will balance it all out. 

Well, we haven't figured it all out yet, but we are one step closer to working it out. I give you our "mantle":

Let me just remind you that we are renting, so in this case we needed to make a temporary fix. We ordered this 48" Crown Molding Ledge from Pottery Barn.  We read the directions, and all the reviews on the Pottery Barn website, and they seemed easy enough, but there were some scary looking drywall anchors. 

My "stud" using the stud finder to properly hang the ledge.
So, Keith (my saintly husband), affixed it to the wall yesterday (on his day off) with the help of his friend Ted. The ledge is 5" deep, so while it gives us the look of a mantle, it will not hold quite as much. 

I've got some ideas up my sleeve for what to do with it for Christmas (i.e, stocking holders, stockings, garland, etc.), but I will still need to figure out what to put above it and on it year-round.

Anyone have any ideas for me? I would love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

You should hang an oversized clock or mirror over the mantle! That would look great! Then you can accessorize with different seasonal items. A row of different sized pillar candles would look pretty on it.

It looks great so far!!!


Colleen Sullivan said...

Thanks for the ideas! I think a clock would look really good there.