Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday 11/22

November 22, 2010

Menu Monday 11/22

Happy Monday! 
It's a very Happy week for us--I have just two days of work and Keith is off Thursday & Friday!

This week is going to be a little different menu wise too. 
We will only be home for dinner Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week. 
We have a family dinner on Wednesday at Keith's sister's house, Thanksgiving Thursday and...
my 10 year high school reunion (Ahhh! Am I that old?) on Friday. 
I'm making a few things for Thursday, so I will include those things in this week's menu!

 Clockwise from top left. 

Vanilla Thumbprint Cookies with Chocolate Ganache Filling 
&  Vanilla Thumbprint Cookies with Chocolate Apricot Filling

I looove these cookies. 
I always buy them at my favorite bakery Copenhagen 
(which also happens to be where our wedding cake was from!) 

Caramelized Garlic Cheese Spread -Keeping Up With the Joneses

This is a hit, I tell 'ya! I made about a month ago for a little party we had and there was pretty much nothing left of it by the end of the night. I also made it for a little Faculty Social at school last week, and again it was a hit. Everyone asked for copies of the recipe. So, I am making it for Thanksgiving at my grandpa's with my family and one for Thanksgiving at Keith's mom's. 
Everyone is sure to like it!

Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde -Cooking Light

The first time I made this I was a little skeptical of  the cream cheese in this, but it was really tasty. It will be a good contrast from the flavors of Thanksiving.

Classic Sweet Potato Casserole -Southern Living 

I am bringing this dish to Thanksgiving at my grandpa's house,
which is being hosted by my mom. 
I have never heard of corn flakes on sweet potatoes, 
but I am willing to try it because the reviews are so good. 

Chicken-and-Brie Sandwich with Roasted Tomatoes -Cooking Light

I think I've mentioned this recipe before here, but I haven't made it in a while.
I actually didn't know there was a Cooking Light recipe for it until I searched for a picture of it. We kind of adapted it from the above recipe, so this will be the first time I make it by following an actual recipe as a guide. I think I'll omit the mayo though.

Have a marvelous Monday everyone!

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