Meet the Sullivans: Taking Inventory

November 19, 2010

Taking Inventory

I saw this on a blog somewhere and decided I should save the idea for a rainy day (or night) when I feel like blogging about something other than cooking and recipes. It feels really good to stop and just take it all in and with my computer on, my husband sitting next to me and the tv blaring its hard to concentrate much of anything.

Right Now I Am:
Relaxing on our couch. We've eaten dinner, which consisted of turkey burgers and fries. I'm feeling uninspired tonight. Now I'm catching up on emails and blogging while Keith plays around with his video games.
A Song Which Has Captured My Attention:
Carrie Underwood "Mama's Song". I saw Carrie in concert with my sister, Kathee, a couple months ago. It was such a beautiful concert and so much fun! Kathee and I love going to concerts together--especially "girl" ones. Her performance of "Mama's Song" was by far my favorite, probably because I can relate to it since its all about a girl moving on from her family to make a new family with her husband.
A Great Story:
I am Catholic and I teach Kindergarten at a Catholic Elementary School. Two years ago I had a student who I will call Travis. Travis was a sweetheart, but like many 5-year-olds, his head was a bit in the clouds. Well, one day our schools parish priest comes by our snack tables as the children are eating their snacks. He was wearing his long white vestment (robe) and was carrying his guitar. He stopped and said hello to them and proceeded to sing them a beautiful song. After Father had left Travis says to me "Miss Collins (my maiden name), that was God! I just saw God.". It was truly adorable. 
I'm missing:
My dog, Conan. Conan goes by many names, all given to him by my sister and I. We have a lot of fun with him. Before Keith and I were married, and I lived at home, Kath and I would love spending time hanging around the house playing with Conan. He just loves to cuddle and he has tons of personality. I still see him for short little visits a couple times a week, but nothing can replace the regular Coney-bologna doses I was getting daily. 

A few Conan pictures: 
Conan loves, loves, loves to get cozy and cuddle under the blankets.

Conan is really curious. Last December, when I got my DSLR camera, he wanted to stick his nose right up the lens. This was the result. He looks like he's winking!

My sister, Kathee, Conan and me at Conan's 1st birthday party (he is 2 years 3 months now). Yes, we are that ridiculous. We have some pretty dog crazy friends who joined us for the party.

Keith and I got to Pastorino's Farm every year when we go to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival in October. We've always bought his dog Rocky a pumpkin, and when we got Conan we started buying him his own too. This is Coney with his 1st Pooches Pumpkin.
I'm Relieved:
That it is Friday. Whew! Two weeks ago I had a terrible cold and ended up missing two days of work. Well, I was sick again this week, but felt so bad about missing out on my students again that I toughed it out. I have a cough that won't quit. Its the kind that wakes you in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn't stop coughing. I felt so bad for Keith who was probably awoken by my hacking that I moved myself out to the couch. Luckily its a very very comfortable couch. I slept really well. Point being, I am relieved it is the weekend so I can recover!

I'm Procrastinating:
We have been in our apartment for a month now and currently have no use for our second bedroom. We think we want to make it in to an office where we can keep important files, computer and electronic gear, etc., but none of that has come to pass. Some people have a catch-all spot, well, right now we have a whole catch-all room. It's embarrassing. At first it was okay because we had just moved in, but now its just wasteful and lazy!

I Am Looking Forward To:
Sleeping in tomorrow, seeing Morning Glory
with my sister and having pretty much no other plans this weekend. I'm also looking forward to putting up our Christmas decorations!

I'm excited about:
Christmas season! I love getting a break from work to re-charge, spending time with family, buying gifts, hearing Christmas music. I just Can. Not. Wait!

I'm discouraged about:
My energy level for keeping up with everything. Keeping a clean and neat house, getting the cooking and shopping done, doing laundry, blogging, exercising, reading for work, keeping in touch with family and can I be 100% at all of this? Its a never ending battle, and this week I have been losing.
I want to bake:
Something delicious, like cheesecake. I was given a beautiful kitchen themed bridal shower by my sisters-in-law, and each guest gave me their favorite recipe. I am really looking forward to trying some of them! Maybe I'll do a whole Menu Monday post with those recipes for the week? Hmmm...

You may also want to know:
What else could I possibly tell you? If you have stuck around this long to make it to the end of this loooong post you are awesome! Thanks bunches!

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