Meet the Sullivans: Thursday in photo

November 5, 2010

Thursday in photo

I am home sick again today. This is what my coffee table looked like yesterday (my computer for blog reading and shopping, a box of tissues and a glass full of Diet Sprite). Things aren't too different over here today, just add some Alka Seltzer and all of my magazines.

While I can't cook in this state (who wants to eat food made by a sneezing, running nose chef?), I can peruse magazines, cookbooks, other blogs and sites for great things for next week when I am (fingers crossed) all better.


Anonymous said...

I Just found your blog and I love it!! We live/work in the SF Bay area too! Its so fun seeing what other young marrieds are doing in our area!


Colleen Sullivan said...

Thanks for stopping by Meg! I just added your blog to my reader. I really like the post about your bathroom remodel.