Meet the Sullivans: Menu "Monday" 12/1 (better late than never!)

December 1, 2010

Menu "Monday" 12/1 (better late than never!)

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it has been so long since I have made a post. I am so sorry! I feel like I have a million things I want to do and a billion for I have 'ta do. Anyway, here I am making a very tardy edition of Menu Monday...should I re-name it Menu Wednesday? No, that doesn't sound as catchy.

Here is what we have been or will be cooking up this week:

clockwise from top left:

Corn-Bacon-Potato Chowder- It has been super cold here. I am prepping this tonight in the slow-cooker so it can cook tomorrow while we're at work and will be ready by the time we get home Thursday night. Its supposed to rainy tomorrow too, so I hope it turns out great because was chowder will be the perfect end to a coooold day.

This turned out OK. It was warm and filling of course, but didn't strike us as being anything special. I would make it again only because it was just so so so easy. Here is the recipe and a picture of ours...


Turkey Tacos- Not very creative, but this is a favorite of ours, especially when there are leftovers for lunches. I used ground turkey, cheese, black beans, salsa and Mexican rice all topped with shredded cheese. The next day I mix the leftover meat, rice, beans, cheese and salsa together and stick it in microwavable containers so we can heat it up the next day at work and top it with shredded cheese. Keith loves it every time...and I do too, 'cause its just so easy.

Kendall's Peanut Butter Banana Bread- I am going to make this tomorrow night. I am waiting for the bananas to ripen. What sounds more delicious than PB and bananas? Thanks for the recipe Kendall!

Cooking Light Chicken Parmesan- I made this Sunday night when we had friends over to play with the Kinect (which everyone loves by-the-way) and watch The Walking Dead (sooo good). I have made it many times and Keith really likes it, plus we had all of the ingredients already! I will post a link to the recipe soon, but unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

Always good, and always very easy. Do I say that a lot? I love things that are "good" and "easy". This is such an easy one to keep in your bag of tricks because it is a cinch to remember! Get the recipe here

Italian Beef Sandwiches- I made this in the slow-cooker (love that thing) and it turned out really well. I will share the recipe soon, promise!

I posted the recipe and step-by-step directions here

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Happy hump day!

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