Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday 12/20

December 20, 2010

Menu Monday 12/20

Happy Monday everyone! Our little Christmas Party last night was perfect. I can't wait to share some photos with all of you later in the week! This week is going to fly by, I can just tell. It's already Monday night, which means Christmas is just days away. I'm on vacation all this week and next, so I'm really looking forward to all the extra time. Here is what I'll be cooking up this week:

{clockwise from top left)

 Kung Pao Chicken (Cooking Light)-This Keith's favorite thing to order from a Chinese restaurant, so when I saw the recipe, and that I have basically all the ingredients for it in my kitchen, I knew I was makin' it this week.

Easy Caesar Salad (Cooking Light)-Yet another easy thing I can't believe I have never made before. We'll have this alongside some pasta and sauce I picked up from the deli near our house this weekend.

Crab Cakes (Cooking Light)-I love crab cakes and I've never made them before, I think that is motivation enough to make them, right?

Gorgonzola-Pear Toasts (Sandra Lee)-I'll be making this appetizer for Christmas day with my family at my Grandfather's house.

Browned Butter Snowman Cake (Williams-Sonoma)-A few years ago my good friend Allison gave me this cake pan for Christmas. My sister and I tried the browned butter recipe on this box and completely failed, so this year I will be tackling it again--hopefully this time it will be a success. I am making it for Christmas Eve with our families. 

Vanilla Buttercream (Williams-Sonoma)-This the frosting that will stick the two sides of the cake together and help it stand up straight on the cake platter.

Potatoes Gratin (Williams-Sonoma)-I'll also be making this for Christmas day dinner. Its a Williams-Sonoma recipe, so I am convinced it will be great! 

 Panettone French Toast (Giada de Laurentiis)-I watched Giada make this on one of her Christmas specials earlier this December. Always makes the most interesting delicious looking things. All the teachers at my school were talking about this recipe and someone was nice enough to print it out for all of us! We all decided to make it over vacation. I will be making this Christmas morning for the hubs and I.

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Natasha said...

those gorgonzola pear toasts look amazing... WS has some of the best (and still easy) reciped around!! love it ;)