Meet the Sullivans: Our Home for the Holidays

December 14, 2010

Our Home for the Holidays

 Our tree stands about 9-10 feet tall. I have always wanted a really tall tree, we have vaulted ceilings and it's our 1st tree together--so why not go big? We love it! I will have to do a post about all of our ornaments soon.

Aren't these reindeer just adorable? I really like how each of their antlers are different. You wouldn't believe the giant boxes these guys came in and all the packing they were each wrapped in. I also threw some glittered sparkling fruit in a large glass vase. My mom gave me the fruit when she didn't want them anymore.

Our stalkings match the tree skirt. They are from Crate and Barrel last year. I went, like one of those crazy smart people, and bought bunches of stuff for a great price.

Some pretty candles on our coffee table. One is unscented, one is evergreen and the red one is cinnamon. I know, I know, I'm clashing scents, but they smell great together!

This is under the glass top of our coffee table. I keep that tray there all the time, but I thought you might like to see the precious little Santa plate and Christmas magazines. The round thing next to the Cooking Light magazine is a stack of coasters I'm pretty fond of. I bought them years and years ago at the Dicken's House. They are vintage hotel coasters for the Olympic Hotel in Seattle, the Biltmore in Los Angeles, The Plaza in New York and Hotel Benson in Portland trapped in glass. 

My mother-in-law Barbara and I are big animal lovers (especially dogs). She gave me the frame years ago. The picture is of each of our family dogs Conan (mine, on the right) and Rocky (Keith's, on the left). Don't they look like little buddies?

The couch. I love my Christmas pillows. The one on the right is from Target. 

The one on the left is from Pier 1 (of course!). It is a red velvety material and the render is made of individually sewn silver beads. I bought it in October, that's how much I just had to have it.

Behind the couch is this giant wall. It's kind of a dead space, so instead of keeping the sofa table against the couch I put it against the wall. I think it works. I bought the banner at Target for cheap, added some lit garland to the table, threw some ornaments over there and ta-da! Done.

Pretty, bright, shiny ornaments make nice decorations. I really like how these look in the various sized cylindrical vases. On the left, our wedding invitation.

On the right a picture of us on our honeymoon (totally dorking out with our lanyards!). I really adore that basket weave frame. I wish PB still sold that line.

Another view of the table.  It houses so many of my favorite things.

I cute (non-Christmas, I know) frame with a picture of my sister and very best friends, who were also my bridesmaids, sitting on top of some coffee table books. One an engagement gift, the other we bought on our honeymoon.

On an adjacent wall we put up a leaning shelf. It is home to a few Christmas items, a digital frame that is in the process of changing its photo in this pic, crystal bowls and frames and our Family Bible.

On the opposite wall is our photo hanger / Christmas card holder. This thing is maybe the best $10 I have ever spent. It fits the space and serves many purposes. 

On the little bar / window into the kitchen a Christmas tree candy dish (that I am constantly re-filling) an ornament tree and and orchid I dressed up with a gold metallic square dish and some ornaments.

Another thing I bought for Christmas back in October!

The kitchen table. Lots of red.

Pretty red non-waterproof vase. I know, what an oxymoron--a vase that can't hold water. Keith was baffled.
This picture is on the wall near the kitchen. We bought it on our honeymoon. We like it because it is discreetly Disney.

Gold plates I started collecting years ago when the Dicken's House was still open. I bought one every yer for 3 years. Sad I can no longer add to my collections I started there. 
Most of our Christmas decorations (or all!) are in the main part of our home. Our bedroom is barely decorated with anything yet, much less anything seasonal! This little display on candles sits in the corner of the bathroom counter. 

I forgot to get pictures of our outside lights and our front door, maybe I'll get to that next week when I do a post about the Christmas party I am hosting on Sunday. Happy Tuesday everyone! Thank you for stopping by our home! 

I put our home on the holiday home tour. Please check it out. These homes are such inspiration! Better than any design magazine!


Jamie said...

Everything looks great!

I love the little reinder, the reindeer pillow, the ornaments in the vases, and the Christmas card holder!

erica said...

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous. Love your home it's very classy and chic and you have some great decorating ideas. You have a wonderful blog, and I am your newest follower.