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January 22, 2011

Recaps & Other stuff

We have a new layout! Don't you love it? We do! I found it at Penny Lane Designs. I had been wanting something new, and since I am not a HTML genius I had to find someone to do it for me. We have also added some social media buttons in the right hand column. You can now connect with me on Twitter, email or follow my blog more easily. If you are looking for a new design or a custom one head on over to Penny Lane.  Thanks Marina!

Here are a few recaps of the new recipes I've tried this week:
Broiled Banana Split

This recipe was good, and so easy. Much like the little apple pie a la modes I made a while back, this is something easy to throw together on a week night for desert.

Beer-Braised Beef 
Get the printable version here.

This was a great and easy slow cooker recipe. Next time I would definitely add more spices, especially ones that would heat it up like cayenne pepper. Now that I've said all these good things I can say that I honestly think it looks like dog food. Ha ha ha, but it tastes much better! 

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I saw this beautiful frame / necklace holder in The Nest magazine. The price in the magazine for it was upward of $30, but I think this is something I can make on my own. I'm going to keep my eye out for a good frame in the next few weeks. In the picture the necklaces are hanging from branches, but I want to come up with something else to attach in their place. Anyone have any other ideas?

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Kendall Jones said...

Love the new layout! I've had Penny Lane Designs bookmarked for a long time - getting a total re-do is on my list for the year!!