Meet the Sullivans: A few things...

February 5, 2011

A few things...

Lately I haven't had the most organized or consistent posts. I'm sorry about that.

As most of you know I lost my dad a week ago. It has been the hardest time of my life. I really can't believe he is gone. I feel like he is out of town on business or that I will be getting a call from him any minute, but then I remember he really is gone forever. It is so sad and I think my heart will always be slightly broken. My dad was a dynamic, kind and caring father and friend. He will live on in my thoughts and actions.

I have been wanting to blog in the past few weeks, but I couldn't bring myself to do something fun and indulgent like blogging during a time like this. I think I am finally back though. I'm not the same, but I'm back. So, here are a few "things"...

I have the opposite of a green thumb. I have what you might call a brown thumb, because when I have a plant in my care it usually ends up dead. Well, recently we've been given some beautiful flowers and plants and I am going to give them my full attention and care. I'm hoping that if I show this to all of you I will actually follow through with caring for them. fingers crossed! 

 Someone sent this hydrangea / fern plant to my mom, but I liked it so much she decided we could have it. It now resides on our front porch. Isn't is beautiful?

My sweet sweet mother-in-law, Barbara, sent this cymbidium orchid plant to Keith and I. It stands about 2 1/2 feet tall and is currently living in our living room. I have never been responsible for something so precious and beautiful! This plant is my priority. I have the care and instructions posted on our refrigerator to remind me how to care for it daily. 

 This is an arrangement in a basket, I will try to keep them living, but seeing as they have been picked already I will only be able to keep them alive for a little while.

How's your green thumb?

Friday morning we decided it was time to get out and do something fun for ourselves. We've been dedicating all of our time to the aftermath of my father's passing (funeral arrangements, going through business files, writing the obituary, me crying etc.) and really needed some time to just breath and maybe even have some fun.

We started the day like always, on our couch with blog reading for me, and book reading / video editing for Keith. When we finally lifted ourselves from the couch we headed outside for some exercise.

 We headed out to Hallmark Trail, which just so happens to run behind my grandpa's house. You can see his house from the trail. Hi Grandpa!

 Keith took off running, while I chose to walk around and have some quality time with my DSLR.

 Being a Friday morning, it was quite vacant out there, but so beautiful and warm.

 The Hallmark Trail also serves as the local track and field / cross country trail. Here is their finish stop.

 The trail weaves in and around the little mountains. I was able to spot Keith a few times during his run when we were on opposite sides of the trails. Its kind of a maze out there! Can you spot him?

 There were thousands of these things (what are they called?) out there. I tried to be artsy when snapping pics of them.

 Some animal tracks, deer maybe?

 The place was filled with these vibrant yellow wild flowers.

 A family of deer grazing. We live in a very populated area, so nature and wildlife are sparse. It was nice to get out and enjoy a little peace and quiet with Mother Nature. 

When we returned Keith threw together lunch from whatever was in the fridge. I do most of the cuisine cooking (dishes that require a recipe), but Keith is much better than I am at creating his own dishes. Nothing fancy, but sure tasty!

Once we were fed and all cleaned-up we headed out to the beach for more outdoors time. It was a great little outing and I'll post more about it later. For now, here is a picture of us on a cliff before we climbed down to the beach.

Now I'm off to spend some time with my mom and see a movie with my sister...

Happy weekend everyone :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so so so sorry to hear about your father :(

I am praying for you and your family!

Miss V said...

Such beautiful flowers!! I have a small patio and with all of the rain this winter one of my plants totally drowned and I have a beautiful fern out there that totally belongs bad I have a black thumb but somehow that thing is still hanging on! If the weather continues to stay nice though I am really excited to go to the garden store and get some pretty colorful plants to put out there! Thanks for reminding me to do this! I can't believe I never heard of Hallmark trail?? I will have to do it someday soon looks lovely! As always you and your family are in my prayers today my dear. xoxo have a beautiful Sunday hope you are doing something fun for superbowl! xoxo