Meet the Sullivans: Half Moon Bay: Beaches & Brew

February 8, 2011

Half Moon Bay: Beaches & Brew

We know we're really luckily to live in the area (The San Francisco Bay Area) we do, especially during this time of year when all I see on television and on blogs is snowy weather. This first week in February has been uncharacteristically warm. Usually we save our Half Moon Bay beach trips for the first sun shiny days of Spring or the really warm days of Summer, but with everything that has been going on we couldn't resist the call to head out to the coast. 

I give you Half Moon Bay...

This is right about where we parked at Redondo Beach. There are only steep cliffs and no stairs down to the beach, so we had to be resourceful to find our way down.

Such a beautiful day!

We brought our tripod. Yep, we're that couple. How else are we supposed to have a picture together without hiring someone to follow us around?

Almost no one as far as the eye can see.

After a little walking and searching we finally found a good spot to climb down the cliff.

Keith making the climb. Don't worry, it looks more dangerous than it really was!

This picture, with the clean un-stomped on sand, reminds me of the tv show Lost.

The waves were pretty big out there!

A few years ago we came out to Redondo Beach during the Spring and we were able to find all kinds of "life". That day we found starfish, crabs, etc. We were hoping to find some that day too.

As the waves washed away they left pretty branch like streaks in the sand.

I document with my DSLR, Keith with his video camera. I love that all you see on the beach behind him are our footprints.

Low and behold, there were other people on the beach that day! Not many, just three women with about 20-something dogs!

They are dog walkers / sitters from Los Gatos. They said they make a weekly beach trip with the dogs. From the looks of it the dogs really enjoy their field trip! 

It was exactly the kind of thing that my dad would have gotten a kick out of! He was a dog lover just like me.

And off they go!

Now, back to our hunt for beach 'life'.

The rocks out there are silky smooth from the waves washing over them.

The waves left foam on the rocks as they rushed back out to sea.

Isn't totally cool?

Sadly, the closest we came to any beach 'life' were these mussels growing in the rocks.

We broke out the tripod one last time (like out Tom Sawyer pants?) before heading to an early dinner.

The Half Moon Bat Brewing Company is one of my favorite places for lunch on a nice day, but since we were well past lunch time we decided to enjoy a early dinner. The Brew Co. is a little shack of a place with great beach food (fried stuff, seafood, comfort foods galore), excellent Mai Tai's and great beer.

Keith and I started going there a few years back and always look forward to our next trip out there. I bought Keith this "growler" a couple years ago while having lunch with my mom one day. Every time we go he has in re-filled with his favorite beer, Mavericks Amber Ale.

The growler in all its shiny glistening glory.

Notice the Mavericks sign behind Keith?

A pint of Amber Ale, and the growler to go, please!

My Mai Tai, it tastes like vacation. Mmm!

The standard buffalo wings. I should write reviews on all the wings we've had over the years. You know, before I met Keith I didn't know what buffalo sauce was? I think I might be a connoisseur by now!

We switched spots :)

Dinner has arrived! Keith's fajitas.

My prawn tostada plate. It was delicious. 

We had such a good time. They say its not the day to day life you remember the most, but the special days. The best times we have together are we take off on our little adventure just the two of us. This is a day we'll remember and want to re-live forever! 


Natasha said...

loving all your gorgeous pictures--yall look so happy!!! relaxing with your favorite person is the best, isn't it?? and that food, its making me hungry and it's only 8:30 in the morning ;)

Miss V said...

mmmm I love Half Moon Bay Brewing co. and could eat everything on their menu! Looks like you had a beautiful relaxing day by the coast! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your sun shiny photos!! It's -17 here today in Iowa, I would take Half Moon Bay any day over this weather we are having! Looks relaxing :)