Meet the Sullivans: Our Papal Blessing

February 25, 2011

Our Papal Blessing

At one of our meetings with our priest before our wedding we mentioned wanting a papal blessing for our wedding day. Father John was so helpful, he wrote us a letter of recommendation and had all the proper paper work mailed. We knew our papal blessing would not arrive by our wedding day, but I had no idea it would take almost 6 months to arrive. We were so excited when it finally came!

It came all the way from Vatican City in this tube. 

The stamps are little pieces of art work all on their own.

My first thought when we got this in the mail was that my dad would have thought this was so special.  I wanted to have one for my parents on their 35th wedding anniversary, which would have been 8-7-11.

We had it framed in a big, chunky, important looking wood frame. 

The details are intricate and beautiful. 

It has found its home in the hallway near the office. 

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BeckyJo606 said...

SO amazing! We sent the pope an invitation to our wedding because we heard he'll send you a note back! We'll see! This is so beautiful to have in your home!!