Meet the Sullivans: Presidio

February 13, 2011


On Sunday we took a little trip to the Presidio. We take our bikes up, ride around, enjoy the sights, have brunch and do a little shopping at the Sports Basement. It's one of our favorite ways to spend a sunny Sunday!

 Handsome hubby!

 Beautiful old buildings. I like to imagine what it was like here in the 40's and 50's when people really worked and lived here.

 The Presidio Chapel. We couldn't go inside because there was a private service being held.

 This was just sitting in the lot of the chapel. We think it is a totem poll?

 These old homes are just so gorgeous. Every time we go to the Presidio I take pictures of them and tell Keith I want to buy one, BUT alas he reminds me that you can't buy them because they're government owned. So sad!

I think what I like most about them are the porches.

We also always make a stop at the Lucas Studios office building. It was hard to find the first time. We had to do a little hunting, but the Yoda statue in the fountain is a easy giveaway.

When you peak through the window you can see all sorts of neat movie memorabilia.

I heard some where that George Lucas had this little area rebuilt and landscaped. Pretty right?

We stopped at La Terrasse for a quick brunch.

A mimosa for me!

Black coffee for Keith!

Huevos Rancheros for him.

 Eggs Benedict for her.

Last stop was Sport Basement where I got new running shoes and some t-shirts for working out. This is the view from the parking lot! Beautiful San Francisco!

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