Meet the Sullivans: Lightscoop

March 12, 2011


Last month I was looking through Tidy Mom's blog and stumbled on a post that completely changed my life and answered all of my food blogging / wanna- be-photographer prayers.

I love to take pictures. I especially love to take pictures of food I'm cooking or baking and other fun things I'm working on. Problem is, I am usually working on such things at home, and I'm usually at home in the evening hours when the natural light in our home is non-existent.
Now,  we all know that in the world of blogging (and in photography, for that matter) using your camera's flash in a dark setting is a no-no. The pictures will turn out fine, but your subject (friend, mother, husband, dog, food or whatever) will look completely washed out and their natural color will be compromised. Not what you want, right?

But if you go with the other option, no flash, you end up with photos that are too "warm", which also ruins the natural beauty of your subject. This brings me to my favorite new toy (!!!!) the Lightscoop.

The picture on the top shows a camera with the Lightscoop attached and the picture on the bottom shows the Lightscoop on it's own. The best thing about it is that it's not very expensive, only $29.95. And it will change your pictures completely! 
Here is a little roof for 'ya. A pic of my sis and hubs. On the left you see the picture taken with the Lightscoop and on the right is a picture taken with just my camera's flash. Isn't the one on the left so much better? Yeah, I think so too. It looks real. You're right, it also looks like a professional took it!

How does it work this magic you ask? According to, "Redirecting the small light from your camera’s pop-up flash to the ceiling creates a larger source of light that also comes from a natural direction (rather than from the middle of your forehead). Softer, more diffused light coming from a natural direction will instantly improve your photos. Turning the camera vertically to direct the flash to a light-colored wall will create the kind of directional “window” light that is the hallmark of an interesting professional photograph. Plus, using the flash will stop blur from subject or camera movement." 

Amazing, right? Who knew the answer all your problems would only cost $29.95? My loving and generous hubby bought it for me after he saw how excited I was about it. He fully supports my bogging and photography obsession. Love him! 


Anonymous said...

I found your blog on the Book Beginnings and Bookends site. Love your wedding pictures- I'm a newlywed too (6-5-2010), and I especially love this post. I'm always fighting with my camera attempting to take "blog pics"!

Andrea said...

Great post! I know I am super late but I read your comment on Decorgreat about the lightscoop. I definitely need to check this out. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower & excited to read more of your posts.