Meet the Sullivans: Prettiness for Your iPhone

March 16, 2011

Prettiness for Your iPhone

Hard to believe, but sometimes I actually show some restraint when it comes to shopping. Take last month for example, when CA Wife over at Life as a California Wife posted about a iPhone case she bought for her iphone 4G from Etsy seller Dani at Dani Notes Stationary.

Aren't they so cute? When CA Wife posted about them my own clear iPhone case was in pristine condition and I held back the urge to just buy one anyway. Amazing, right? Well, last week when (for no reason) my case broke I knew where I was going for a brand new one.

I picked a trellis design in gray and "pool" which is pictured on the left. Adorable and so cute! 

It's going to take about two weeks to arrive and I can't wait to see my own personalized design!


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

I have never had I-Phone envy. . . until NOW! :-)

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