Meet the Sullivans: Coating Trays

April 14, 2011

Coating Trays

You know, the little things in life really do make me happy. I purchased these Pampered Chef Coating Trays last night and I cannotwait to get them in the mail and use them! I've had my eye on them ever since I saw them on Kendall's blog, and every time I am coating a piece of meat before cooking it I think about these trays (you have every right to call me crazy).

You see, I always use plates for the same purpose that the trays are used for and the plates just aren't cuttin' it. There is never enough space, stuff falls off them because there are not ridges, and there is so much clean up. I really hope they arrive soon so I can start using them! Pampered Chef, you're really starting to grow on me. Maybe I'll even try out one of your recipes for next week :)


Anonymous said...

what an awesome gadget! I might have to get these. I LOOOOVE pampered chef products. I have several kitchen utensils that i use regularly... I like the chopper, the Corer/peeler/slicer, and their measuring cups are awesome. I also like their fine grater for cheeses and garlic.

Ali said...

I love pampered chef! I always use plates then we run out of plates to eat on!

I'll be adding these to my list!