Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday 4/11

April 11, 2011

Menu Monday 4/11

Happy Monday everyone! We had a great weekend! Date night dinner and a movie (Source Code, which was great!) on Saturday night, and on Sunday afternoon we rooted for our World Series Champs, the San Francisco Giants, as they took on the Cardinals at AT&T Park (too bad we lost). And I bought a new book, Tina Fey's Bossypants, which is so good I can not put it down!

After all that fun we're ready for another full week. 

Here is what we have planned in the kitchen this week:

Spinach and Strawberry Salad- Did you know Whole Foods features recipes on their website? I didn't! This is the first recipe from them that I'm trying. We're going to a potluck dinner at our friends the Berry's this Saturday (Allison is due with their first baby at the end of the month). I think this fresh "berry" salad (ha ha get it?) will be a great addition to the other dishes! 

Review: Everyone seemed to enjoy this. I'll definitely make it again, but next time I'll toss the spinach with the dressing and then add the goat cheese, nuts and strawberries. The recipe said to throw it all together and toss, but the goat cheese got lost in all the spinach leaves.

Chicken Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa- Sunny weather always makes me crave Mexican food! These will go great with a little margarita on the side.

Review: This will be one a regular rotation at our house from now on! We loved how easy, healthy and just plain tasty it was. Next time I'll be sure to take some pictures to share with you! You can get the Cooking Light recipe here.

Risotto with Spring Vegetables- You know how much I love risotto, and I have been meaning to make this version for weeks! Well, I finally made it last night! Want some tips on making risotto? It's not hard! This is a great little "how to" tutorial.

Review: We loved this! I blogged about this recipe here

Chicken Mini Empanadas- This is a Sandra Lee recipe I pulled out of a Food Network magazine sometime this year. I'll be making them as an appetizer for dinner at the Berry's. They sound simple and I'm sure they'll get gobbled up fast! I'll bring salsa and guacamole to serve them with.

Review: These didn't turn out as "pretty" as I would have like (don't you hate that?) but I will still share this recipe with you this week. 

Mini Meatball Sandwiches- Yum!! I can't wait to make these again! You can check out my review and get the full recipe here.

Review: Just as good as the first time! 

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole- I have so many eggs waiting to be used! I bought a package of 18 eggs so I could use the egg carton for a project for my Kindergarten class. I made this casserole on Sunday morning before we hopped on the train up to the Giants game.

Review:  The review online for this recipe were great, but mine turned out watery. Keith loved it, but I thought it could have been better, so I will not share until its something worthy.

Have a marvelous Monday! 

PS. Last week when I did my grocery shopping Safeway gave me a "spring basket" savings coupon for $10 off my next shopping trip. I am really bad at remember to use all the coupons I get at the store...but luckily I remembered to use it this week. I wish I were better at it like Leslie at Lamberts Lately. This may have been my lowest Safeway bill ever!

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