Meet the Sullivans: Cheers to the Bride-to-Be!

September 28, 2011

Cheers to the Bride-to-Be!

Our very good friends Anne and Jaeson (Anne and I have been friends since high school!) are getting married in Hawaii on 11-11-11 and last weekend her mom and sister hosted a beautiful bridal shower shower for her. We are all so excited for them! The shower is just the beginning of all the pre-wedding celebrations and festivities to come!

Anne's sister Julie added all the sweetest details, like these wine bottles with one of Anne & Jaeson's engagement pictures as the label.

The delicious princess cake, a favorite among our friends!

Bride & Groom cake pops served as favors for the guests--I'm eating mine as I type this post.

Marriage advice for the bride and groom.

Annie posing with the spread!

Anne's engagement ring is the most beautiful sparkly thing I have ever seen!

Julie, sister and MOH, with Anne, the bride right before we began watching the slideshow Jaeson had put together as a surprise for Anne.

Anne was a little teary eyed :)

For the bride who loves salsa, now she can make her own!

Our friend Jackie put together the "bow"quet for Anne to use at the rehearsal.

Vegan bride and groom cupcakes--I heard they were great!

Julie, Annie the Bride, Jackie, me and Hilary.

Julie and Anne are such pretty sisters!

Practicing for the big day!

Hilary and Anne--besticos! (they've been best friends forever and that's their nickname for each other)

The shower was so much fun! Who doesn't love a great celebration, being surrounded by friends and delicious cake? How can anyone not love a party that is celebrating the happiness of one of your very best friends!

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Natasha said...

what a FANTASTIC shower...she looks so happy, and i love the wedding date!! those cake pops look amazing, too!