Meet the Sullivans: Fall's Lovely Smile

September 19, 2011

Fall's Lovely Smile

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant

Can you believe Autumn is just around the corner? Early Saturday morning I noticed the tree outside our balcony was beginning to turn yellow and lose it's leaves. The weather might even have be cooling down a bit sometime soon (wishful thinking). I love the change of the seasons. Keith thinks I'm funny because I'm always looking forward to the next season, but can you blame me? The change of the seasons opens up opportunities for new holidays to celebrate, new home and classroom decor and most importantly new things to make, do and bake! Here are a few bits of Fall I'm looking forward to this season: 

 Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (Annie's Eats)

My co-worker introduced me to this blog and I can't be more thankful that she did. Don't these muffins look amazing? I've got to try them this season. It's not Fall until you've baked something with pumpkin!

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival (pumpkin pancake breakfast)

This is one of our favorite holiday traditions, we've been going every year since we started dating (7 years ago). We love getting out there early for the pancake breakfast, shopping around at the booths (I started a blown glass pumpkin collection last year and I can't wait to add another one to my collection this year) and picking out our pumpkins at Pastorino's Pumpkin Farm. 

Fall Trees and Leaves

Not sure if I would actually be successful at making these--the rolling up part sounds like it would be a challenge, but I plan on trying them out soon.

Chicken Pot Pie (Annie's Eats)

I'm a big fan of homemade chicken pot pies--they are perfect for cool fall nights and rainy Sunday afternoons. Once the weather cools...

Did you notice that pretty much everything I'm looking forward to is food related? ...but seriously do you expect anything less from a pregnant woman?

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