Meet the Sullivans: Hilary Turns Thirty

September 4, 2011

Hilary Turns Thirty

This is a big year for my friends from high school, we are all turning 30 sometime in the next 365 days. Last night we celebrated Hilary's birthday at a bar / club Swig in San Francisco. Hilary is the first of us to turn 30, followed by me, eek! Here are a few photos from the celebration:
The birthday girl Hilary!

Our wonderful friends Allison and Jordan were also celebrating their 6 year wedding anniversary! 

 A few of the girls (Jackie, me, Hilary, Anne and Kathee). We're missing Allison here, she and Jordan had to get home to sweet baby Noah.

We decided to start a tradition for our 30th birthdays by giving a special timeless gift. For Hilary chose something from Tiffany & Co. I think she was pleasantly surprised. 

Miss Hilary with her little blue box. 

The beautiful pearl earrings we hope she'll love forever--and think of how much we love here every time she wears them! 

Who doesn't love birthday cake?

My sister, Kathee and Allison hanging out. 

Hilary and Jackie (who is pregnant with she and her husband's first baby--due in February!)

This is like the only shot I got of Keith all night. We were joking that the tote bag he was carrying for our friend Anne made him look like a fancy pizza delivery guy. My husband is a trooper (and awesome, but that goes without saying), he spent the night hanging out with all the girls and did it with a smile :)

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