Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday 9/5

September 5, 2011

Menu Monday 9/5

Happy Monday everyone! We're off work today and I hope you are all able to be off too! Today is off to a great start--we've already been to Starbucks (Pumpkin Lattes are back FYI) and the grocery store to pick up everything we need for this week's menu. I love when Keith is able to come to the store with me. I love the company, the shopping trip flies by when we can work together to grab all we need and it's a relief to have someone to help me carry all the bags up the stairs!

Here is what I have planned for this week:
(clockwise from top left) 

Chopped Salad (inspired by the Cheesecake Factory) -- We like this salad a lot! I have to skip the blue cheese this time--no soft cheeses for Baby Sullivan. I've made this salad before and posted about it here. 

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches (Food Network) -- A fun and easy way to enjoy a little ice cream after dinner. I'll let you know how mine turn out. I've tried making ice cream sandwiches before, but I've never been too successful...I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time! 

Chicken Tostadas and Avocado Dressing (Cooking Light) -- This recipe caught my eye in the most recent issue of Cooking Light Magazine. I'm excited to try the avocado dressing.  

Savory Garlic Marinated Steaks (All -- I get a million food related emails a day from various websites and when they don't spark my interest immediately upon opening them I delete right away. This one actually compelled me to save the email, and so here it is on Menu Monday. The reviews online are great by the way.  

Peanut Butter "Cheese Ball" (The Girl Who Ate Everything) -- This idea really knocked my socks off--I just love it and it looks so cool. I'm excited to make it later today to bring to work for the Faculty Room. I hope everyone enjoys it!  

Blackened Shrimp with Pomegranate-Orange Salsa (Cooking Light) -- I made this recipe for the first time back in December and had a little trouble with the jalapenos. I really liked this dish and I will not let my fear of suffering from burns keep me from making it again. This time I will wear gloves!

Hope you've all had a relaxing 3-day weekend. Enjoy the short week ahead!

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Anonymous said...

I love shopping with my husband...but always end up buying more than was on the list! The tostatas look fantastic...perfect meal for late summer :)