Meet the Sullivans: My Baby Shower

October 30, 2011

My Baby Shower

Last weekend my mom and sister threw me a beautiful baby shower. They put a lot of energy into planning the shower and invited all my close friends and family. Tiny Baby was showered with tons of love and lots of gifts!

 My sister planned some fun games. For this one you had to guess how many jelly beans there are in the baby bottle.

 For this game people had to guess the flavor of baby food--just by looking at it. No tasting!

 My friends Rosanna, Amanda and Jen.

 Jackie (due in early February) and Hilary.

 My mom's cousins Jackie, Carol, Kim and Sue.

 My Aunt Lesley, Annette, Pat and my Aunt Kathy.

 The Sullivan side of my family: SIL Kelly, MIL Barbara, nieces Amanda, Jessica, Natalie and Megan and SIL's Christina and Teri.

 The gracious hostesses Kathee and mom.

 Cynthia and I teach kindergarten together.

 This is Delilah (my friend Tera's adorable and sweet daughter) playing in the backyard.

 It was so much fun opening all those gifts! This baby now has pretty much everything he/she needs!

Delicious cake from The Cakery. 

 My mom and a bunch of her friends, sisters and cousins.

I can't wait to introduce this little baby to all our wonderful friends and family. We're ready for you Baby Sullivan!

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Gabriella said...

What a cute shower! You look fabulous! :)