Meet the Sullivans: 38 weeks!

December 27, 2011

38 weeks!

I am officially in the home stretch of this pregnancy. I am 38 weeks and 3 days today. Here is a peek at what Tiny Baby looks like in there:

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks

Size of baby: Weighs about 6.8 pounds and is over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). Dr. Dupont says that if she had to guess the size of the baby from feeling around my abdomen she would guess that it is about 7 pounds now and will be in that 7 pound range at birth. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: My weight has stabilized, which is wonderful for the obvious reasons, but also because there is an old wives tale that says that when your weight stabilizes labor is on its way. 

Maternity Clothes: Getting dressed to go out somewhere can be a challenge these days. Thank goodness I'm no longer working! I really just want to wear yoga pants and Keith's t-shirts all day, but wouldn't be caught dead in those things out somewhere. I'm looking forward to buying "normal" clothes and shoes again. I envy anyone wearing a cute pair of heels. 

Gender: Its going to be a surprise! We can't wait to meet him or her! 

Names: We have names for a boy and girl ready to go! Emily Elizabeth or Owen Edward. 

Movement: Tiny Baby really likes to wiggle. When we're laying in bed at night we watch what we assume is the baby's behind move from my right side to the center and back and forth. Poor little one has run out of space and must just be trying to get comfortable. 

Sleep: When I remember to take Pepcid in the morning I am usually able to sleep pretty well, otherwise I end up waking a few times during the night feeling sick. Heartburn has been the very worst of my problems. Rolling over can be difficult, but its not too much of a challenge. 

What I miss: Shopping at regular stores and wearing cute shoes. I've had enough of maternity clothes and flats. 

Cravings: Diet 7up with ice or vanilla milkshakes. 

Symptoms: Well, my wedding and engagement rings are completely stuck on my finger. I have tried everything on God's green earth to get them off, but they will not budge. My doctor said to not worry about them unless they become uncomfortable or my finger starts to turn purple, which she doubts will happen. 

Also, I went for my 38 week visit today and talked with the doctor about how my hands have been falling asleep lately. When I wake up they feel stiff and sore and sometimes they're asleep. Luckily the feeling goes away once I get moving. Dr. Dupont said this is normal and nothing to be concerned about, but that it could last for up to 3 months after the baby comes. 

Best Moment this week: Last week when we still thought there was a chance that Tiny Baby might crash Christmas Keith came home with a gift with a tag that said "For: Tiny Baby Love: Mom and Dad". He said he wanted to make sure we had something under the tree our little one if he or she showed up early. I thought it was really sweet that he was thinking ahead just in case. 

Tiny Baby's room is still not compete, but here are a few shots of what we've done so far. 
The teddy bear lamp was in my room growing up. It was painted and given to me in '85 by my grandmother Elizabeth, as it says on the bottom of the lamp.

Check out all the stuffed animals! Keith bought the Pluto and the Dumbo for TB (Tiny Baby). Pluto was a bribe. Early on Keith made a deal with the baby that if he / she kicked for him he would buy a stuffed animal for TB. The Dumbo was TB's gift under the tree in case baby was early. The and the others have been gifts, except for Lou Seal whom we made years ago at a Giants game. The light colored lamb was given to us by my co-workers and sings "Jesus loves me".

Our bags are packed and ready to go!

We're going to have newborn photos taken in the hospital, so I bough this adorable headband in case TB is a girl.

The baby's bag is packed to the max with swaddling blankets, a variety of gender neutral clothes and matching hats, diapers, burp cloths and a matching nursing cover, a lovie from grandma, and a big soft blanket.

Going home outfits for our little guy or gal. When I saw these I thought they would be just so perfect. I like that they are virtually the same with the exception of the color.

Diaper caddy, another gift from my sweet co-workers!  I ordered the matching baskets to use under the changing table for all the other millions of baby odds and ends we now have!

TB's cool cousins! The boys are seriously out numbered in our family.

Another look at the crib bedding. I love the Peter Rabbit bedding. 

The room is definitely not complete. 

I'm still trying to figure out which glider I want. I feel like Goldilocks every time we go to check them out. I can't seem to find one that is soft enough, the right color combination and size etc. 

I ordered an adorable print from an Etsy seller to go on the wall, but unfortunately it has been quite the irritating process to actually be in possession of the thing. 

I ordered a decal for the wall that still needs to be put up.

And we're still working of knobs for the dresser. 

So, I have lots to do before I can show you the rest! 

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Natasha said...

the progress on the nursery is just adorable...cannot beleive you're in the home stretch and the wee one will be here VERY soon!!! good luck lady ;)