Meet the Sullivans: Nikki Turns 30!

December 30, 2011

Nikki Turns 30!

Nikki and I have been friends since the fourth grade. She moved to New York years ago when she and her husband got engaged and now lives in New Jersey with her husband Brian and adorable son Dean. Nikki is my very best friend, so it is hard to only see her a few times a year. You know you have a deep friendship when those short yearly visits still feel the same as they did years ago, nothing changes.

Nikki's actually 30th birthday isn't until mid January, but Brian came up with the (awesome) idea to celebrate it early while they were here for the holiday. Brian invited us all to surprise Nikki and have dinner at Sapore Italiano, an excellent little Italian restaurant that we love, the Friday before Christmas.

Brian told Nikki he was bringing her to our friend Matt's Christmas party, so she was definitely surprised to walk in and see us all waiting for her!

Nikki and her husband Brian. 

Keith, Gabe and Brian. These guys have been friends since way before Keith and I or Nikki and Brian became a couple, just as Nikki and I have been friends since before we met them. Isn't it every girl's dream that she and her best friend would marry guys that are also best friends?

My friend Jackie and I. We're due exactly 4 weeks apart! 

Ready to pop! 

 My friends Jen and Hilary.

Gabe, Keith and Blair hanging out before we sat down for dinner.

A few of Nikki's family members with her Dad Daniel. 

Keith and I. Doesn't my husband look handsome? He always does!

 You might remember me telling you about our tradition for 30th birthday gift giving with my friends from high school. We started a tradition of giving a gift from Tiffany and Company on Hilary's birthday back in September.

For Nikki, we chose a bracelet with tsavorite. Tsavorite is a garnet, which is Nikki's birthstone, but it looks like an emerald which is her son's birthstone. We loved the double meaning. 

 Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday, dear Nikki!  Happy Birthday to you!

 We love you Nikki! And I'm so happy we were able to celebrate your birthday with you!

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