Meet the Sullivans: Owen, the first week

January 30, 2012

Owen, the first week

We've been home for over a week now and time is just flying by. Between sleeping when the baby sleeps, eating when we can (which we never do together anymore), breastfeeding the little man and changing him (which he hates) and cuddling him there isn't a ton of time for extra time, so please excuse my lack of blogging in recent days!

I can't even begin to tell you how much we love this guy. He is so sweet, sweet beyond description.

He makes the most adorable facial expressions. In his sleep he'll stick out his bottom lip, which will then morph into a frown and then into a full on smile. I wonder what he's dreaming about.

He turns bright red like a lobster when we change him, and our best defense against this happening is for Keith and I to turn diaper changing into a dance party singing and clapping to distract him. Keith has "Owen's Calm" and "Owen's Upbeat" playlists for these purposes.

He loves to eat, so we call him the chow hound. If it were up to Owen he would be eating every two hours, which means that after feeding, changing and soothing I get a 30minute break in between each feeding..not going to work.

He loves his bouncy chair, but hasn't taken to the swing we impulsively ordered the while in the hospital.

He likes to be rocked in his gliding chair, but the best way for us to soothe him (besides nursing) is to hold him while bouncing on the physio ball.

Here are a few pictures of our little man (and some friends & family) in his first week or so of life:

 My mom meeting Owen for the first time.

 Owen and his Aunt Kelly.

My friend Allison with Owen at the hospital.

Allison's husband, Jordan and their son Noah.

My friend Hilary with the little man.

Anne holding Owen in the noisy rocking chair that was in our hospital room.

Our friend Jen came to visit too.

Keith's friend Matt.

My mom can't get enough of her grandson.

Aunt KC is a natural with the little guy.

Our first family photo (besides the one taken in the operating room, which I'm not willing to share)!

Keith's big brother Kevin meeting Owen.

I swore I would wait to introduce the pacifier, but all those I will's and I won't's didn't last long.

With Daddy at home.

Watching a little television and hanging out.

Owen's cousin Megan (of all his 9 cousins they are the closest in age).

Brandon was so good with Owen.

Cousin Nick with Owen.

 Milk drunk on his mama.

Happy, sleepy dude.


The Rock has been so good with Owen. He likes to sniff wherever Owen has been.

In his football outfit. He wore this outfit yesterday and managed to keep it clean! Woohoo!

 Keith's friends Chris and Mike came by to meet Owen, who was asleep of course. :)

 My friend Jackie who is about to give birth to her own son in a week! We're so excited for them!

Yesterday when our friends came we decided to try to keep Owen up for a bit so they could meet him, but we learned the hard way that this is not the thing to do. Owen was fussy for the rest of the rest of the afternoon. Next time we'll just let him sleep, poor baby!


Natasha said...

gosh that little man is just too stinking cute for words...keep taking those pictures my dear--i love it!!!

Gabriella said...

He is so adorable! I think I know Keith's friend Matt. Does he have a brother named Dan? I think I went to St. Matt's with them. SMALL WORLD!!!