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February 29, 2012

Baby Loot I Love

Like most moms-to-be I spent my pregnancy searching for all the essential baby gear. I asked friends, read reviews and check out friend's baby registries. We got it all, and thought we were armed and ready for anything our baby would bring our way. When we went to the hospital to be induced (one of these days I will share the long story of how all that went...when I'm willing to relive it all) the baby's room was pretty much ready, minus the pictures on the walls, and we felt like we were ready too.

We'd read the books, taken the classes, watched videos and talked with friends and family for advice. But alas, all the gear, research and planning can only prepare you so much. We've only been parents for about six weeks, but already I know which products work for our little guy and what was a waste of time or money, so I'd like to share with you a few golden pearls of wisdom from this new mom.

The Physioball In the last two hours of my 24 hours labor my nurse suggested we use a physioball to help ease my pain until the anesthesiologist came to give me my epidural. The ball helped a bit in between contractions, but it was especially helpful after Owen was born. Our little guy loves to move and be bounced. Keith and I sit on the physioball holding him when he's fussy and 99% of the time he is calm in minutes. It's like magic! Bonus: we get a little workout in too!

White Noise apps The photographer who took Owen's newborn photos used a white noise app on her cell phone to soothe him while she snapped pictures. The calming rhythms of rain falling and waves crashing helped him settle down when he was upset and have continued to work wonders in the car and when we're putting him to bed at night. We've each downloaded the apps on our phones and iTouches. We take the iTouch with us in al outings!

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Plush Sound Machine
Sleep Sheep We actually have two of these! One for the nursery and one for our room. At night we turn on the Sleep Sheep and prop it up on my bedside table near the co-sleeper to help him settle back to sleep after I've nursed him and he's been changed. We turn the one in his room on during middle of the night diaper changes to keep him feeling sleepy. We definitely don't need two, but it doesn't hurt!

Summer Infant Video Monitor

Video Monitor Our friends suggested this one to us and I'm so glad we got it. I can be downstairs in the morning having coffee while Owen is still sound asleep upstairs in the bassinet. I like that I can't just hear him, but see him too. Eventually this will be even more golden when he takes regular naps in his crib so I can get things done around the house.

aden + anais muslin burpy

Burp Cloths A friend gave us these and they are the best burp cloths. They are more absorbent than any of the other burp cloths I've tried, and if you have a spitter you know absorbency is a top priority. The other great thing is that it doubles as a bib so you can snap it on your little cutie to catch any unexpected spit up too.

HALO SleepSack
Wearable Blankets Owen sleeps best when he's swaddled. It gives him the comfort and warmth he needs to sleep comfortably and keeps him from waking himself up when he wiggles his arms and legs around. The wearable blanket is much much easier to use in the middle of the night than trying to swaddle him up in a blanket.

Infantino Jittery Pals Baby Toy
Stroller Toys We have the little mouse and he has become Owen's little best friend. We clip him onto the carseat in the car and stroller, onto his bouncer and crib. He just recently began noticing toys and really responds to this one. He seems to like the vibrating, colors and rattling noise the mouse makes. We might need a few more of these! 

Babies change so quickly and so do the toys, gear and strategies they enjoy. What works this week to entertain and soothe Owen may not be what works next week. I know I'll be back again soon with a whole new list as I continue to discover new products and as Owen continues to grow and gain new interests. 

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kate said...

This is so helpful! I have seen the sleep sheep and the Halo sleepsack recommended everywhere! Definitely going on my registry! Love your blog!