Meet the Sullivans: Catching Up

February 27, 2012

Catching Up

Last week was Keith's last week home with Owen and I. He goes back to work tomorrow and boy are we going to miss him! I'm not going to just miss the extra two hands and another adult to talk to, but also having him here to see Owen grow and experience each day. It has been so fun to experience our first 6 weeks as a family together.

We had quite a busy and fun final week together. On Wednesday we took Owen for his one month doctor's visit. He now weighs 10lbs 2ozs and is 22 inches long. He is growing so fast! I've started packing up his newborn clothes because he is starting to bust out of them. He also had to get the first of his shots at the doctor's office (he has some in the hospital too). He was already a little upset at this point so, he didn't seem to notice. He did great in the car on the way there and on the way home, so instead of heading straight home we took a chance and went to the mall. We needed to get a few things done and were able to do them all AND get him home with no crying! Yay, Owen!

Noah and Owen

Jackie and Nico
On Thursday our friends Jackie and Allison came over with their boys Nico and Noah (respectively) for a little baby play time, which really consisted of us holding them and bouncing them.  Noah will be 1 year-old in May and he is really on the move! Aunt KC came over too and helped me take care of the little man while Keith ran some errands.

On Friday I was able to take Owen out on a few errands with me to the post office, pharmacy, dry cleaners and even made it through a whole shopping trip at Trader Joe's! Once we got home he slept for another hour and a half. We're really making progress on being able to get out together!

Happy Birthday little sis! 
On Saturday Keith stayed home with Owen while I went to lunch with my mom and sister to celebrate her birthday (which isn't until Tuesday). We went to one of our favorite places, the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Lunch was delicious and we had a good time chatting and enjoying a Mai Tai. It was a strange feeling being away from Owen for 3 hours, but it was also nice to get out on my own for a bit.

On Sunday we took Owen down to Foster City and met up with the Smith family for a nice long walk with the boys. Its so much fun having friends who have little boys the same age as ours! Its a blessing and will be even more fun when the boys can play together!

Well, starting tomorrow I'm all on my own, so wish me luck! I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Jamie Dickson said...

Hi Colleen!
I saw your comment on Blue Eyed Bride, checked out your site and noticed that we have something in common! My little boy is also named Owen, born 2/1/11 - so nearly a year before your little Owen. From what I can tell, he's your only child, so I hope you enjoy your first year of parenting as much as my husband and I did. (Although, I will be honest and say that the first 6 months of that year were not as fun as the last!)

Jamie Dickson said...

Also, you can check out my blog at =)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for finding my blog!!! Owen is ADORABLE! Sounds like you had a great birthday lunch for your sister! Mai tai...yum!