Meet the Sullivans: Owen's Newborn Photos

February 6, 2012

Owen's Newborn Photos

When Owen was three days old we had professional photos taken of him in the hospital. He looks so adorable and peaceful in these photos, but it was actually a really stressful situation for all involved. The little guy was pretty upset for a lot of the shoot. Not sure I would do it again because of how upset it made him (and me), but I'm glad we did it because these are just priceless!

It's amazing how much he's grown in almost three weeks! He already looks so much different, probably because he's put on a little weight! Good job, Little Man! 


Meagan said...

So beautiful! I love those pictures. ahhh! Makes me miss the baby stage!!! :)

Kendall Jones said...

Gorgeous! What a handsome little man!

Unknown said...


JustPatience said...

Aren't they so precious. Gorgeous pictures.

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