Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 1 month old!

February 18, 2012

Owen is 1 month old!

This week Owen is one month old! Time has flow right by us!

Owen loves to be held, pretty much 24/7. He naps in our arms during the day and wakes right up if we try to put him down.

He loves to be bounced or rocked to sleep in the rocking chair in his room or on the physio ball. White noise apps, the Sleep Sheep and his pacifier are helpful in getting him sleepy too.

Owen's First Bath!
Happy baby by bath number 4! 
We've started giving him nightly baths before bed. He hated his first two baths, started to like it a tiny bit by the third try last week and this week he's been pretty content. Aunt KC and Aunt Kelly were here to help with the first bath and took videos and pictures for us to remember the occasion.

Last week Owen started being less fussy when he has his diaper changed. Its like he finally realizes that we're doing it to help him out, not torture him! Now he looks around (mouth wide open :) and punches his arms around in front of him. We both like to take this opportunity to talk to him and sing to him and even do a little dancing. 

Owen is getting chubbier! He looked so scrawny at his 2 week doctor visit, but we noticed last week that his legs are getting more rolls! We love our new chunkier Owen :) At his one month doctor visit he weighed 10lbs 2 ozs and was 22 inches long! 

He smiles as he falls asleep. Its the sweetest thing.

Does this guy look happy?
We tried the Moby wrap for the first time and he really loved it. I just have to get a little better at putting it on so its not too tight and not too loose. I think we'll start using the Bjorn soon. 

Rocky, Keith and Owen during Owen's first tummy time. 
We've been able to do tummy time with him. During tummy time (at about 2 weeks) Owen rolled over from his tummy to his back TWICE! I guess this is not ordinary behavior for a newborn. The doctor said he is a very strong baby. He already has pretty good neck control.

Poor guy developed some baby acne on his cheeks (which you can sort of see here) and chest and had peeling skin, both of which are fading away each day. 

Owen's 1st smile on his first Valentine's Day! 

At night I nurse him to sleep, Keith changes him (he always needs a change after a feeding), swaddles him and bounces him back to sleep before bringing him back into our room and putting him in the co-sleeper. We usually (on a good night) get a 3-4 hour stretch when we first put him down. After the first stretch he usually wakes up for a feeding, eats, burps and sleeps on me for 15-20 minutes before Keith changes him again. If its a good night he'll wake up 2 more times and sleep until 7am.

Owen was born very alert and wide eyed. As the weeks go on he becomes more and more alert and has been checking things out around the house. Keith thinks it is hilarious to prop Owen up on our bed like he's a big boy sleeping in a real bed or sit him in the arm chair in the living room. 

PS Is this becoming a baby blog? Not quite, but all I've really had time for lately is my baby and the occasional nap or shower. I hope to get back to cooking sometime very soon! But until then...this is what I'll be doing! 


Meagan said...

Oh my word, he is such a doll. I miss that new baby stage so much! You are giving me baby fever! :)

Miss V said...

I know that lots of babies are cute but seriously... Owen is one cute baby!! That picture of him smiling with his eyes closed...I could look at it million times it gives me butterflies!!! So happy to see that you are loving mommyhood so happy for you and Keith and please keep sharing adorable pictures of your precious little one so I can oooh and ahhh and coo all day long hahah!! xo

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh goodness...his smile in the moby and on valentines day is precious! You have a handsome little fella on your hands!