Meet the Sullivans: Owen's Easter Basket

April 3, 2012

Owen's Easter Basket

Easter is quickly approaching and I've started brainstorming some ideas for what to put in Owen's Easter basket. I know he won't understand what's going on, or remember what was in his very first Easter basket, but I hope in some way he'll feel how special the day is and have some fun when we take him to hunt for it and see what's inside.

I've been collecting little things here and there when we're out.
I've done some research and asked some friends for ideas.Baby Easter

Boys' Puffy Canvas Easter Treat Bags, $19 I've had a personalized Easter basket made with his name embroidered on the front. I think this will be nice because he can use it in coming years for Easter egg hunting since its soft and kid friendly.
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, $9.99 Owen loves music and is really invested in lights, so I think this toy will be very entertaining to him, and its small enough to be squeezed into his basket. 
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether in Natural Rubber, $19 My little guy has been drooling buckets lately, and while I don't know for sure if this is related to any teething (would be pretty early, right?) I want to be ready when it does happen. This is one of those things I would have purchased for him anyway. 
Manhattan Toy My Family Garden Photo Book, $16 I got this idea from a friend of mine who put together a photo book for her son for Christmas last year (thanks Nikki!). This photo album has kid friendly pages where I can insert photos of family members so I can show them to him each day. 
Sport Bib - 7-Pack - Babies R Us - Babies "R" Us, $10 Drool, drool, drool. Need I say more? 
Fox in Socks, $8.99 I'm working on building a collection of Dr. Seuss books for Owen, and this Easter I'm adding Fox in Socks to our collection. As a former Kindergarten teacher I know how valuable these books (and all books!) can be for young children. I want to introduce my guy to rhyme, rhythm and high frequency words early and encourage his love for these books. A lot of the drawings in these books are eye catching to him too. 

I could shop for Owen every day. Shopping for a baby, especially your own, never gets old!