Meet the Sullivans: 15 Ideas for a Date Night at Home

April 11, 2012

15 Ideas for a Date Night at Home

Since having Owen we've realized how hard it is to get out for dates like we used to. I'm not going to lie, we kind of took that privilege for granted. We would go out to dinner and a movie, grab frozen yogurt and peruse the aisles of books at Barnes and Noble, meet friends for a long dinner that often included a bottle of wine (or two!), and those were just the night time dates. We would spend Sundays walking to Starbucks for our morning coffee, head to Half Moon Bay for lunch or exploring the city on a sunny day.

We had so much fun, and it's not over in any way, but the kind of fun and when and how it happens has changed. We can still do some of those things with Owen in tow, and others we can do if we have a sitter for him. But it's still important for us to have quality, undivided time together, so I've put together a list of ways we can still enjoy our time together without having to leave the house.

To really take advantage of this time we would have to make sure to put the little guy down a little early!

1. Pick a fun recipe, cook it together and enjoy it by candlelight.
2. Pretend to be at the movies and rent something you would have seen in theaters but didn't. Make sure to have candy and popcorn on hand like you would at the movies.
3. Pack a picnic and eat dinner on a blanket in front of the fireplace.
4. Work on a puzzle together -- this is a fun on going activity.
5. Curl up on the couch together and just read. Could be a good book, magazines, or even blogs.
6. If the weather permits eat dinner outside, or even BBQ!
7. Play a game together. Board games, a game of cards or even a video game if that's what you like.
8. Pick up a few new sweets to try from your favorite bakery and have a dessert tasting.
9. Work out together. Set up a circuit in the garage or in the back yard with a jump rope, dumbbells, push-up, and sit-up stations.
10. Make breakfast in bed for dinner and watch TV.
11. Give each other a back rub.
12. Watch your favorite professional sports team and serve hot dogs, beer and nachos.
13. Take turns picking songs from the playlists on your computer to dance to (we love to do this!).
14. Make breakfast for dinner and head to bed early for breakfast in bed.
15. Watch the first movie you saw together and order take out.

Do you have any great ideas to add to the list? I'd love to hear 'em!


Nina Robinson said...

Great list! Watching netflix shows marathon-style probably doesn't count as a date night...we'll have to give some of these a try ;)

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Tawnya Faust said...

Great list! I'm totally pinning this one for later! ! :) Thanks for the ideas!