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April 25, 2012

Around here lately.

1. Owen was talking up a storm this yesterday. He has lots to tell you! He seemed so serious at some points, but I know he's enjoying being able to express himself. Please ignore all my talking though! 

2. I'm so excited for the Picky Palate cook book to come out in October! I pre-ordered mine from Barnes & Noble for $18.30 (which includes tax + shipping) Tuesday morning. Jenny Flake has some really fun, pretty simple and crave worthy recipes. Some of my favorites: BBQ Ranch and Chicken Cheddar Pizza Roll em' Ups, S'mores Stuffed Brownies, Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls. And I can't wait to make this Classic Cheesy Chicken and Rice Soup really soon.

3. I've been working on making a Home Organization binder. I'll be using some of these templates from I Heart Organizing and I'll be making some of my own. I'm just trying to figure out which categories will be most useful to us and what things I'll need to complete it. I also need to figure out which binder will work best for us: one of these, this one or one of these. I'll share the completed product when I'm all done with it!

4. My sister and I took Owen to Gymboree for a Play & Music class yesterday for the first time. He had such a great time and was really interested in all the other babies. This was his first experience with so many other babies and I can tell already he is going to be a very social and outgoing kid. He has been so talkative lately and was chatting up a storm the whole time--it was pretty cute! I enjoyed meeting some of the other moms too. We'll be going every week!

5. My friend Jackie invited me to do a Children's Book Exchange and I jumped at the chance. I sent it to a few fellow mommy / mommy-to-be friends, so we'll see how it all goes! I sent the sweet little girl who was first on the emailed list I received the Caldecott winning Madeline book Madeline's Rescue. Madeline books were a favorite of mine growing up! 

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Kathleen said...

So cute, Owen talking! Love him!