Meet the Sullivans: Just a little conversation

April 24, 2012

Just a little conversation

Our bedtime routine with Owen has been going so well lately. I can see it is working well for him because his sleep is really improving!

He has started doing this really cute thing when I'm feeding him his last meal before the bed. We go upstairs after his bath and he and I sit in the glider together while he nurses. I usually rock with him a little and maybe read a little on my Kindle, but lately Owen has other things in mind!

He's started having little conversations with me while he eats! He drinks a little, pulls off, looks up at me smiling, coos, gurgles and goes back to eating. He repeats this through his entire feeding. Keith says he doesn't blame him for wanting a little dinner conversation! It is so sweet and makes putting him to bed difficult because I just want to keep that adorable kid up with me all night chatting away!

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