Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 3 months old!

April 19, 2012

Owen is 3 months old!

Dear Owen,

This week you turn 3 months old! Every day you look more and more like a little boy to me and less like the newborn we brought home just a short time ago. You are so sweet and happy and your smile is the most true and genuine thing I have ever seen.

Stats: We don't have a doctor's appointment this month, so I can't say for sure what your weight and height are but according to our scale you are 14lbs 2oz.

Clothes: You are all done wearing 3 month clothes and have moved onto 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. I mostly dress you in jammies when we're at home, and only put you in outfits when we're going out.

Eating: You are nursing every 2.5-3 hours during the day and your nighttime feedings vary depending on how long you sleep.

Sleep: Your sleeping habits have really improved! Maybe because you've been sleeping in your crib in your own room (since you were 11 weeks and 5 days old). There have been several nights in the past week when you've only woken up once, usually around 3 or 4 o'clock. When you do wake up I nurse you in the glider during the night when you wake up and you go right back to sleep so easily. We've been putting you to bed earlier too, which must be helping. You wake up around 7:30 or 8 every morning and I change and feed you and we go down stairs and you play a bit on your play mat.

Activity: You've been rolling yourself from side to side lately when you're on the play mat or on a blanket on the floor. You like to lift your legs up in the air. One time I was watching you on the monitor and you almost rolled yourself from your back to your tummy.

You are talking and gurgling up a storm. Mostly you like to chat with us when we're changing you on the changing table.

You've recognized your mom and dad and follow us around the room with your eyes when someone else is holding you.

You stay up for about 1-2 hours at a time before napping again, so you take a few naps each day. In the last 2 weeks I've been trying to get you to do all your sleeping in your crib when we're home. You seem to get your best most uninterrupted sleep in your own room. 

You've been tolerating tummy time a lot more lately. We began this month doing tummy time in front of your crib on the floor with the boppy and some toys. Last week I started putting you in your crib for tummy time and you like it so much more. You almost look like you're thinking about crawling. I'm wondering where you'll be at by next month!

Here's a video of you being absolutely adorable during tummy time! 

Your Aunt Kelly helped me dip your cute feet in some blue paint to keep in your baby book! You were okay with it but started to fuss a bit but when we cleaned your feet off with warm water you turned back to our happy little dude again. 

This is just a cute picture of you sleeping on your Daddy after he came home from work one day. You were quite comfortable.

We took you for a walk in your stroller all strapped in like a big boy. We thought you might like it more than being strapped into your carseat, and you did the first time, but you weren't as happy the second time. You're so curious and observant so I really think you'll love walks some day. I'm still trying to figure out how to get you to enjoy the stroller! 

Although you aren't used to your stroller yet you have taken to liking being carried in the long as you're facing forward. Here you are with your Daddy facing front for the first time. He took you out in the backyard to shot some hoops. He can't wait until you can play too! 

I've started taking you for morning walks this way. You look so darn cute in your hat!  

You came out to lunch with me for the first time with Aunt KC. We went to Urban Bistro and you were awake most of the time. You were happy sitting in your carseat, which really surprised me! You just smiled and hung out until we were all done eating. Last week I took you to lunch with me with Granny and Aunt KC at a sushi restaurant and you were great then too! You're an awesome baby! 

We went to the mall and had your picture taken with the Easter bunny the week before Easter. Your Aunt Kelly and cousin Natalie came too! You were so good, but seemed a little confused. I'm sure next year will not be as easy!

Your first Easter egg!

We celebrated Easter and you came to Mass for the first time! Daddy bounced you in the far left aisle when you got a little fussy and then you fell asleep in my arms in the pews. You even came up for a blessing during Communion and got to meet Father John (he married Mommy and Daddy and will baptize you).

 You love to stand up like this and you always look so proud when you do. We know we can get smiles out of you like this. You stomp your feet and look all around and talk and say "Ahhh!".

You found your hands long ago but have decided you really like to eat them ALL the time! You often try to fit your pacifier and both hands in your mouth at the same time.

Watching you grow is so exciting and rewarding. You are a strong and sweet baby boy and your mommy and daddy love you so so so much! 

Mommy (aka The Milk Lady)


Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

He is just so freakin' cute! Happy 3 months and can't wait to see the other posts as you grow!

Unknown said...

Happy end of your 4th trimester Owen! He is a doll!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thanks so much!

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

He is absolutely adorable!!! Such a happy little baby!

Brooke said...

He is so precious! Love the photo of your hubs with the Baby Bjorn - my husband can't WAIT to wear one HA! I think it's so funny, they love it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!