Meet the Sullivans: This mom's life

April 17, 2012

This mom's life

I saw this somewhere and thought that it would be fun to fill in as a "new" mom and be able to go back and read it again and re evaluate in a few months. 

What are three words that describe you as a mom?
tired (sorry, its true!)

Your favorite family rituals?
When Owen was just a day old we started a ritual we call "baby dance party". It originally started in the hospital when we wanted to get him to calm down and get some rest. Keith would cuddle the little man in his arms and we would dance together and sing. Our song of choice would most often be our own rendition of "Sugar, Sugar" that we called "Tiny Baby". When we returned home we used a playlist made for Owen to calm him down, and let's be honest, calm us down too. He no longer needs these antics to coax him to sleep, but we still have a "baby dance party" for fun every once in a while. 

What's on your nightstand?
water bottle
lip balm
iPhone charger
burp cloth

Is there a parenting rule you never break?
Owen is too little for rules! I really just do my best to make sure my boy is happy. And I try to relax and remember to breathe when he is not a happy guy. 

And one you always break?
I don't have any rules. Like I said, I just try to keep us both happy and calm. 

Is there a beauty product you can't live without?
lip gloss & moisturizer

What five things are always in your fridge?
milk, yogurt, coffee creamer, eggs, cheese
we must be dairy people, huh?

Your most memorable family vacation?
We haven't taken Owen on one yet, but we're counting down the days until we can take him to Disneyland!! I'm looking forward to experiencing it all through his eyes. 

What's been your hardest parenting moment so far?
The overwhelming and exhausting first days home. That was hard. BUT the scariest was the day we brought him home. Right when we came in I needed to feed him and as soon as he was done I was burping him and he spit up blood. We were able to call the doctor and since the blood was bright red she concluded the blood was not his. Turns out it was from a crack on me and no big deal, but we were really worried. 

Do you have a favorite book in your house right now?
I like to read Dr. Seuss books to Owen. He really seems to like the singsongy stories. I also get a little teary eyed every time I read him Love You Forever and On the Night You Were Born.

Your biggest guilty pleasure?
Blogging and pedicures.  

What's been the most surprising thing about parenthood?
The most amazing thing is the feeling you get when your baby smiles at you. I think I always knew it would be a wonderful feeling, but I'm surprised by how wonderful it really really feels. We have a lot of fun "talking" to each other and gurgling and cooing.

To other moms out there reading: how would you answer these questions?

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Kelly said...

Hi! I made your "Man Pleasing Chicken" last night for my husband and he LOVED it! You definitely named it correctly.