Meet the Sullivans: Totes Adorbs

April 30, 2012

Totes Adorbs

Totes Adorbs - (adjective). Abbreviation of "Totally Adorable." Used when one sees something that causes squealing, clapping and overall giddyness due to something being of extreme cuteness and/or adorableness.
example: "Aw omg! The kitties in the pet shop are totes adorbs!"

My sister Kathee has got me saying this popular culture term all. the. time. I think of it every time I look at Owen, the cute little bundle of joy I am lucky enough to call my son. Totes Adorbs is the title for this post because, well, he was just totes adorbs at the park on Saturday! 

It was a sunny and not too hot day, so we packed up and headed to the park with sandwiches. 
Lookin' all hip with his hat on sideways. Such a cutie pie!

Although I love the "shorts" he's wearing I'm not sure if they look more like long shorts or short pants?

Having a Boys Club meeting in the shade, which gave me a minute to take two bites from my sandwich.

Owen is just 3 months old, but insists on spending most of his day standing or walking (which is really more like stomping!). He is just itching to get around on his own. The kid is a mover!

This picture just makes me want to squeeze him! Like I said, totes adorbs!

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