Meet the Sullivans: Baby Loot We Love @ 4 months

May 31, 2012

Baby Loot We Love @ 4 months

It's been a while since I last shared some of the baby loot we love and since then we've added and changed what we use, so I thought I should share some of our current favorites. Baby Gear

  • Inflatable Stadium Ball We discovered this "trick" for tummy time at our Gymboree class a few weeks ago. We bought a small beach ball and use it to balance Owen on as a alternative form of tummy time. Babies usually like this a little more since it's softer on their tummy and a bit more comfortable. We also sit him on top and sway him side to side, which helps him work on his core. Of course you have to hold on tight so your little one doesn't take a tumble.
  • Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper We bought this on a whim one weekend after deciding Owen was ready for more activity. He really loves this toy and we are so glad we bought it. At first he would get tired and over stimulated after 5 minutes, but he's been working up to playing in it a little longer each week. He's learned to bounce in it and can turn the chair to face whichever direction he wants. 
  • Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller Graco We also have a BOB Stroller, which we love, but cane be difficult to pull in and out of the trunk when I'm out running errands. This frame stroller is so easy to pull in and out of the car and to maneuver when I'm out shopping alone with Owen. 
  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether Everyone knows this toy is a must for tethers! There is something about the shape of the giraffe that makes this toy easy for babies to hold on to while they suck and chew. The little squeaking noise it makes keeps the baby interested too. 
  • Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders™ Soothe & Glow Seahorse This was recommended to us by a co-worker of Keith's at the hospital. She said he baby falls asleep instantly with this toy, but it doesn't work that way for us, but we still like the toy. Owen likes to snuggle with it when he's having quite time and it calms him during middle of the night diaper changes on the changing table. He loves the soothing music and the glowing tummy. 
  • Carter's Neutral 3 Pack Monkey Teething Bib Owen is really drooly these days and these bibs have been wonderful! They have three layers, including a water proof layer that keeps my baby's clothes clean and dry. We also really like that the velcro is on the side so we can easily remove it when we need to. The velcro isn't too rough either which is something to consider for your baby's comfort. 
  • Especially for Baby Color Change Ducky Owen loves his bath and now insists on sitting up while we bathe him, so we've been adding toys to our bath time routine. We have a few bath toys for him to play with but he really loves his Ducky. He likes to swat at him in the water, grab him and chew on him. This is a fun classic toy! 
  • HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket in Cotton Owen now wears just the SleepSack, not the Swaddle ones we used when a newborn. Ours are pretty big on him and he seems to enjoy the extra wiggle room. These are a must in the micro-fleece and cotton for warmer weather. We it's really warm we don't use any blackout / sleep sack, but he doesn't sleep as well as he does when he wears this. 
  • BooginHead Booginhead PaciGrip Pacifier Holder I love these pacifier holders for when we're out in public and Owen is being held or riding in the Bjorn because if the paci falls we don't have to worry about getting out the wipes or finding a sink to clean his paci. 
  • Sassy Ring 'O Links We uses these as toys for Owen and also to keep his toys in reach for him while he plays. They're fun and colorful. We have a few different sets. 
  • Hats & Sunglasses We have sunglasses, various baseball caps, swim hats and sun hats for Owen. Our boy is on the fair side and is happiest in the shade, but when we do venture into the sun for a walk, etc. we always make sure he is wearing SPF, and a hat and/or sunglasses. 
  • Avent Pacifiers These pacifiers have continued to be THE paci for us. Owen just likes them and instantly calms when he gets these in his cute little mouth. 
  • Baby Bjorn Owen loves to look around and this truly gives him the best seat in the house when we're on walks or shopping. His stroller can keep him for a bit but sometimes he just wants to wiggle and being in the Bjorn allows him to kick his legs, smile at passersby, and look around.
So there you have it! I'm sure I've forgotten something especially useful and important, but this is most of what we use and love. 

Is there something wonderful I'm missing out on that you use? Please let me in on your secrets! 

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