Meet the Sullivans: How cute?

May 4, 2012

How cute?

Dear Owen,
How much cuter are you going to get? I can't imagine you can get any cuter! But I'm pretty sure you will.
You've figured out how to pull your pacifier out of your mouth, but then you get all fired up cause you still want it. It's equal parts funny and frustrating to us all. 

We're no longer using the sling during bath time because you've gotten so big. Sometimes when you go to bed for the night I go downstairs and look through pictures of you on my computer. You've grown so much in the last month. My goodness, it's ridiculous how much I love you, mini-man.


PS. This morning I realized I never turned the sound on your monitor back on after the last time I came into your room (you and I can be loud sometimes when you're having little middle of the night conversations with me and we don't want to wake daddy, so we turn the volume down) and I heard some noises coming from your room, so I went in there to find you happily talking to your mobile. You're such a funny guy! I gave you your paci hoping you'd go back to sleep for a few minutes and returned to our room to lay down for a bit. Your dad and I were laying there and we could hear you squealing with delight. We were so tired but couldn't resist bring you, full of energy and happiness, into bed. So you came to our room with us and wiggled and squiggled and told us an animated story full of coo's and more squeals. I love these mornings and I want to remember this one always.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Your little guy is SO cute! I am also in the SF Bay Area.

Unknown said...

the last picture of him in the bath is a framer. too adorable!

Flo/BioLogico said...

meraviglioso,un bellissimo bimbo:)