Meet the Sullivans: Lately

May 8, 2012


Keith had another 3-day weekend last week and we had such a great time! He pretty much never gets a Saturday off, so we enjoyed the extra time together. We felt like a normal family having Saturday and Sunday together, and Monday was like a bonus day! 

Friday afternoon I sent this video to Keith while he was at work. 
This baby is such a wiggler! This confirmed our need for an exersaucer. 
Look at those legs go! 

On Saturday we went to our niece Megan's First Holy Communion. 
It was such a special day and we're so proud of Megan. 
We sat up in the choir loft and the little guy slept almost the entire time in our arms. 
He looked so cute in his hat! I'm busy planning his Baptism, as we just decided to have it in two weeks! 

After the Communion and party we came home and relaxed for a bit (and watched the San Francisco Giants on TV) before heading to dinner with some friends. 

On Sunday we took Owen out with us to run some errands and bought him a cool new toy! He's loving it! We love giving him a place to play and wiggle where he can also keep a watch on us while we get things done around the house. 

For dinner on Monday I made these Lemon-Caper Scallops from Everyday with Rachael Ray. I served it with Gorgonzola Gnocchi (from Trader Joe's) and asparagus. We both really liked it!

Happy Tuesday!

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Natasha said...

he is a wiggle worm just like caroline!! they'll be on the move soon and we will be in major trouble!