Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 4 Months!

May 18, 2012

Owen is 4 Months!

Dear Owen,
This week you turn 4 months old! One third of your first year is now behind us. You've continued to amaze us with your strength and sweet personality. We could never have imagined how much joy, laughter and smiles you would bring to our home.

Stats: We'll be going for your 4 month doctor's visit next week, but I believe you're  currently around 14lbs 5oz+. And you definitely feel that heavy!

Clothes: We've been buying 6-9 month clothes although they are a bit roomy on your right now. You grow so fast, so this just gives us a bit more time in certain outfits and I think you're more comfortable in clothes that give you more wiggle room.

Eating: You are still a chow hound! You nurse every 3 hours during the day and go longer most nights. I can't wait for you to experience "real food" in a couple months. We know you're going to love it. You find lots of entertainment watching us eat and we think it's because you want to give our food a enough, buddy!

Sleep: Sleep this month has been good. You wake up 1-2 times in the night and take a few naps each day. You've been putting yourself to sleep in your bouncy chair for naps during the day.

Activity: You're quite the wiggler! You've been rolling from side to side and have almost made it from back to tummy. You're great at tummy time and mo longer cry much when we do it. You continue to prefer to be standing or sitting up right. When we do lay you down you've been trying your darndest to grab at the toys around you. You're able to hold onto objects with two hands. You loooove to grab my hair with both hands when I lean in to kiss you. More on all you're movin' down below!

You've discovered your voice and use it to let us know how happy you are and to talk to your friends. 

Here is a great example of all the wiggling and squiggling you do: 

We haven't been using your beloved activity mat much toward the end of the month. I think you're done being stuck laying down. You love your new exersaucer because you like to see what's happening in the house.
Your great-Grandpa and Connie came to visit you again!

We took you to the park! You enjoyed looking at the leaves blowing in the wind on the big oak tree. 

 We are no longer using the sling in your bath--you're just too big for it, baby boy! You're starting to splash around in the bath a lot. You just love the water! Hopefully we'll make it to the pool this month!

Your hands continue to be your #1 favorite toys! And you're sucking on your thumb, but haven't figured out how to curl your fingers down, so we have to make sure you don't poke yourself in the eye. ;-)

 Not only are your hands fun for you to eat, but you also have figured out how to put them to good use! You've been pulling your paci out of your mouth, although it sometimes upsets you.

 You held a bottle yourself for the first time (on accident?) at cousin Megan's First Holy Communion.

 Hanging on tight to Granny!

 You're so lucky to have two Grandma's who love you so much--they can't get enough of you!

We've been going to Gymboree every Tuesday. Aunt KC comes with us to watch and Daddy got to come once this month too! We bought you a Gymbo the Clown puppet because you really loved playing with him in class. You talk with him and smile at him.

 With a little help you sit up like this "on your own".

You are thisclose to being able to roll over from back to tummy. You tried at Gymboree class this week...Daddy and I were both there to witness it!..but you got stuck on one arm. You're so close buddy keep on trying!!

You've been sitting in your Bumbo comfortably and play with some toys while I get things done in the kitchen. 

Your sure do love your Daddy! 

 You brought me a flower from the backyard. It was sweet. You picked it yourself and carried it inside.

We celebrated our first Mother's Day together. I used to think it was a day for kids to celebrate their moms, but now that I'm a mom I realize that it's really a day for mom's to celebrate being a mom. Don't know if that makes sense. Being a mom is a special job and I'm lucky to have it.

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