Meet the Sullivans: What's in MY Purse?

May 10, 2012

What's in MY Purse?

Have you ever played The Purse Game at a bridal shower? I love that game. It is so fun to me. If you've never played here's how it goes:

Guests grab their purses. Then the host reads off a list of random items (example: toothbrush, nail clippers, a pink pen, an American Express credit card, etc.). If the guest has this item in their purse, have them pull it out and place in front of them. The guest with the most items wins!

I love seeing what other girls carry in their purses, perhaps for good ideas for what to carry in my own and mostly because it's just interesting. Anyway, last week Kate of The Small Things Blog did a series called What's in My Purse where guest bloggers share what they carry in their purses--so fun, right? Well, I thought it would be fun to go through my own purse too! Lord knows it needs a good cleaning out anyway.
I've been carrying this Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Classic Q - Hillier' Hobo that Keith gave me for my birthday this year. The hardware is what "makes" the purse for me. It's a huge purse and gets pretty heavy when I put a lot in it, but I just love it.

The black and white lining is one of my favorite parts. Photo credit:

1. 'Organized Genius' notepad set from Etsy seller Dilly Baby 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Trifold wallet 3. Coach sunglasses 4. BogginHead paci holder 5. Bath & Body Works apple antibacterial lotion 6. hair brush 7. Clinique compact, Sephora lip gloss in Pin up Pink, chapstick and Philosophy caramel apple lip shine 8. checkbook 9. car keys 10. tissues 
11. gum 12. Canon powershot camera 13. shopping list 14. iPhone 15. Coach card case

 The wallet was a birthday gift this year from my mom. It matches the purse, as they are the same style, but I'm glad I opted for this color instead. The card case was also a gift, but from a friend many years ago. It is filled with gift cards and club cards for stores I shop at. 

The little bag is actually supposed to be a reusable sandwich bag, but is the perfect size to hold all the lip stuff, hair ties and my compact which are usually floating around the bottom of my purse.  

I keep the Dilly Baby notepad in my purse to jot things down or as a place to write myself reminders. 
A mid-week list of a few things I forgot to buy on my weekend shopping trip. 
The note paper is from Erin Condren and matches my Life Planner.  

Car keys, my super old Canon to capture just about anything + everything, and my iPhone.   

 I always have these 4 things in my purse: tissues, gum, a brush
 and hand lotion that doubles as antibacterial. 

One of Owen's pacifiers on a paci holder and my Coach sunglasses.  

A little Q & A:

1. What must you always, always have in your bag (besides the obvious)?
Something to go on my lips. Even if I don't carry a purse with me I usually have some sort of gloss, balm or chapstick somewhere on my person.

2. What is the most random thing you carry in your bag?
Hm, I don't think any of it is really very random. I guess the pacifier is sort of random, but I am a mom and there are about a million of them floating around our house these days. I'm probably sitting on one now and don't even know it.

3. Do you prefer a small purse, or a large one?
My purse is giant. I'm definitely a big purse person. I want to be able to fit everything I need and then some. i want my bag to be able to hold a water bottle and maybe even a light sweater if I need it to. Keith and I used to use my purse to sneak ice cream into the theater. Now I like to stuff Owen's stuff in there when I don't want / need to carry the diaper bag and a purse.

4. Do you change your purse with your outfit, or wear one for a "season"?
I've been carrying this purse regularly since Keith gave it to me for my birthday in October. I really really wanted it and still love it so much, so I never want to trade it out. But I do downsize to a small evening purse if we're going out somewhere special.

5. Does your wallet have to match the bag?
No and they never have until I got this purse and wallet. I like that even thought they do match in style they don't have to match in color.

What do you carry in your purse? Anything random? I'd love to know, so if you'd like to share What's in Your Purse leave me a link in the comments section!

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