Meet the Sullivans: Happy Birthday, Keith!

June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Keith!

We celebrated Keith's birthday this weekend with family and friends. Keith's birthday always means the beginning of Summer to me and the start of warm weather fun and BBQs.

 Unfortunately Keith had to work on his birthday, but was still able to make it home in time to open a few presents before everyone came for the BBQ. Our son is a ham.

Owen and I gave him a Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Kit from Williams-Sonoma, a new wallet and a set of 4 customized pub glasses.

I made a wonderful Sangria that I have got to share with you later this week. It was amazingly refreshing!

 My sister is so stylish and does such a great job "stacking" necklaces, doesn't she?

 Owen bouncin' in the. best. toy. ever. (Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo) and hangin' with his cousin Natalie.

 We were so busy having fun I really didn't take many pictures. I pretty much have "before" the party photos and end of party photos. It's kind of a tradition to have a Coldstone cake for Keith's birthday party. This year we went for the cookie dough. There is still a slice or two waiting in the fridge!

 I'm a sneaky wife and bought trick candles!

 It was a really fun, albeit exhausting party. We're lucky to have such wonderful friends and family!

And the morning after:

This is Keith making his Summer Wheat beer. It took 6 hours to prepare! The solution for sanitizing is super scary, so Keith made himself a little make shift mask to protect his eyes and face. He looks funny, huh? I just had to get a picture to share!


Julie Rogers said...

What do you think of the beer making kit so far??? I always think my husband would LOVE this, but haven't heard enough about to go out and get! Looks like you had a good weekend:)

Colleen Sullivan said...

So far, so good! Keith made the beer Sunday. It took about 6 hours, but that included all the prep sanitizing, going out to buy a large mesh strainer (we only had a small one, which wouldn't cut it), and clean up. We expect next time to go much much more smoothly since we'll know what to expect. The Brooklyn Brew Shop's website has a great video showing the process too!