Meet the Sullivans: lately

June 1, 2012


1. I did a little shopping for Owen at Old Navy for some clothes. Old Navy is one of my favorite places to buy baby clothes. They're cute and mostly inexpensive. My favorite purchase was this onesie that's a play on Artoo-Detoo--Keith is a Star Wars fan, so I thought this was fitting for our baby boy. 

2. On Tuesday Owen had his 4 month check up. He is currently 15lbs 8oz 58th % in weight 25 1/2 inches 64th % height. He did so well and only cried a little after his shots. He's a tough guy.

3. Owen started putting his foot in his mouth this week. This sounds strange, but I'm happy for him, because I know he's been eyeing them for a while now. He discovered them a little while ago and we've been just waiting for the day they would make their way to his mouth--just like everything else! Now I just have make sure they're super clean all the time. 

4. I tired to make this Hot Fudge Fluffernutter Banana Bread this week and it was a total fail. The middle layer of hot fudge and fluff was a little mushy and the top layer got a bit burnt and chewy. I was sad it didn't turn out the way I expected. Next time I would skip the top layer of fluff. 

5. Keith went to the Giants game Tuesday night with a friend and bought Owen these adorable Giants pacifiers. So cute for our little Giants fan. Who's his favorite Giant you ask?  "Milky" Cabrera.

6. This super cutie has been so great on all of our outings this week. There has been almost no crying in the car and he's been loving his stroller. 

 7. I picked up a few fun things at Trader Joe's this week: Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake Mix Has anyone tried this before? I hope it's good! Peach Pops Which I have to keep in the fridge at all time because Keith loves them. They we MIA for weeks because the warehouse was all out. Keith was crushed each time I came home without them. Coconut Water Popsicles I'm still not a fan of coconut water. It tastes like vegetable water to me--bleh, maybe these will be better? Hummus Snack Packs These are new and looked fun. I love checking out what's new at TJ's.

8. Thursday was hot, so Owen, my iced latte and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. 

9. Owen took a 3 hour nap today, which meant a quiet lunch for me! 
I'm praying it doesn't mess up our chance for a good night of sleep tonight! 

We don't have much planned for the weekend and I'm pretty thankful for that. 
No plans means there is opportunity for some spontaneity! 


Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I was looking at the Giants paci that little Owen got and was like, "Gah, we should meet up! We live too close not too!" Plus, we have have baby walk and iced latte dates. :)

Also, question for ya, did you get maternity pictures done around here? Any photographers you recommend?

Julie Rogers said...

Cinnamon crumb bread---definitely going to have to pick that up next time! I can't do coconut water either---I tried, but just not my taste:) Thanks for sharing!