Meet the Sullivans: My Household Binder

June 28, 2012

My Household Binder

A few months ago I decided to make a Household Binder, and I am finally ready to share my finished product. I wanted to make sure what I had going would work for me before I shared what I've put together. Mine is inspired by similar binders seen on Honey We're Home, Blue-Eyed Bride and According to Nina. I love getting and being organized, so this was a fun project! Everyone's binders (or notebooks) are a little different, and it is so fun to see how each person puts theirs together. Before heading out to buy all the supplies I needed to make a list of all the "things" I wanted from my binder. I wanted a place to keep recipes and a list of groceries we need to re-stock. I wanted somewhere to keep all of our bills, and I really wanted to keep all my to do lists together instead of having random pieces of loose paper float all over. 

After I brainstormed for a bit I came up with the categories I would use for my tabs: Daily, Blog, Gifts, Owen's Corner, Projects & To Do's, Bills & Budget and Recipes & Groceries. I'll explain them in more detail below. 

After deciding on my categories I made a quick trip to Target for all of my binder making essentials: 
  • 3-Ring Binder 
  • Index Dividers with Pockets HERE
  • Clear Binder Pockets HERE
  • Page Protectors
  • Needlepoint Rolling Ball Pens HERE
  • Post-it Ultra Page Markers HERE 

I also purchased a few personalized printables from I Heart Organizing on Etsy. Above is the first page in my binder: The Cover Sheet. I picked a few other printables I was sure I would be putting to good use ($3 each) to help me complete my binder. You can also buy the whole shebang for $40. 

Here is a list of the printables I purchased:  
Jennifer Jones makes such cute printables and they were so quick to send me my product via email. I would definitely work with them again, especially because they so graciously fixed a little layout issue. 

In the front of my binder I have a clear pocket to keep pens, Post-its and notepaper. It really saves time to have all of these items in one place and right inside the binder instead of having to go hunting for a pen or paper. This way I can get right down to business!

Under the Daily tab I keep a check list of the chores and tasks that need to get done each day. I feel so much better when I know I've checked these off my list each day. I'm laughing that I put "wake Owen" on my to-do list, because I don't think I have ever had to wake him--he is the one who usually wakes me up daily!

***You can find a link to all the printables I used at the bottom of this post.

In the Blog section I keep a Blog Topics Schedule for the week, which helps me stay on top of all the things I want to blog about. I also keep magazine, newspaper, etc. clippings in the folder so when I find something I want to blog about in the future I know just where to find it.

Also in this section there is a list for Blog Ideas / Topics so I can write down any ideas for future posts, or events I want to remember to document.

In the Gifts category I keep a Gift Giving Log that reminds me of gifts we've purchase and ones we still need to buy. This is helpful because I can reference it the next time I buy a gift for someone to make sure I don't give them the same gift twice.

I'm also using the same printable to keep track of gifts we've received that I can check off when I've mailed the thank you note--there is nothing worse than forgetting to write a thank you note!

In Owen's Corner I keep all things pertaining to Owen! The pocket is filled with papers that would otherwise be lost in a drawer or get thrown out. I also keep a sheet of paper for things I want to remember to purchase for him. This is also where I can keep ideas for his 1st Birthday Party.

Under the Projects & To Do's tab I keep my list of tasks I want to get done and projects that need to get done around the house (need to add clean out the garage to this list!!). I also file DIY or craft instructions here for projects I want to accomplish.

I haven't used the Bills & Budget section as much as I thought I might. We bank online and use online bill pay, but this seemed like something I should have. Maybe I will use it more in the future?

The Recipes & Groceries section gets lots of use! This is where I keep my schedule of meals for the week, shopping list and the recipes I've decided to make. It's helpful to have all the recipes in one place so that when it's time to make dinner I don't have to go searching through my Recipe Binder for whatever I'm making. I keep them in page protectors to keep them from getting splashed when I'm cooking. I also keep an envelope to hold any coupons I can use for the week. **I need to do a post all about how I menu plan each week--adding that to my To Do list!!**

I'm not that into clipping coupons, but if I find one for something we buy often I make sure to keep it.  created this envelope. You can get the document for printing it down below.

In the back of the binder I keep two clear pockets. The green one holds coupons of all sorts--from Bed Bath & Beyond to Erin Condren to Safeway.

The purple envelope holds mailing labels, cute labels and stickers from Erin Condren, stamps and a few Thank You notes.  

I really enjoyed putting this together and I love having everything in order and easy to find! 

I've created a file of all the documents (and a few extras too!) that I used to create my binder. You can click HERE to download, print or save the documents for your own use. 


Kendall Jones said...

WOW! I'm so impressed! This is really detailed and organized. Maybe one day I'll do the same :) Right now, my to do list is pretty much: work, cook when I can, and blog when I'm lucky! :)

Emily said...

I love this! And thanks for sharing the printables too! I definitely need something like this.

Julie Rogers said...

Oh my goodness---I wish I was this organized:) That's amazing!!!!!


Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

This is incredible! :-) I'm doing this toDAY! :-)

ElleDee said...

I LOVE this. It's a little intimidating and I'm not sure when I can complete this but I really could use this. Because my system (email folders, iPhone apps and memory) is NOT working.

In This Wonderful Life said...

your folder is definitely what i need!! AND it's SO CUTE!!! love the printables!!