Meet the Sullivans: Splish Splash

June 14, 2012

Splish Splash

We took Owen for his first swim this week! He loves his baths, so we were pretty sure he would enjoy the pool too. Luckily for us we were right! 

I love Owen's beach towel! My mom bought it for him and had it personalized with his name.

We of course slathered him with sunscreen, put him in swim diapers, trunks, a swim shirt, and a water proof hat. We had glasses too, but forgot to put them on in the rush. We lasted about maybe 10 minutes before our little fishy got tired of it. I think maybe the wet t-shirt felt weird on him?

We hung on on the lounge for a bit and he enjoyed watching his Dad in the hot tub. We rinsed him off in the shower and got him dressed in dry clothes. He feel asleep so easy on the ride home and napped for 2 hours!

First Swim = Success!

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